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Real Aquaponic Businesses

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Here we want to feature Aquaponic businesses we've found all over the internet.  See what's possible and what others are doing!


Native Oklahoma Aquaponic Harvest-NOAH

We found these guys on Facebook and they seem to be off to a strong start after opening in 2016.  According to their Facebook page, they utilize an aquaponic greenhouse with fresh, all naturally grown produce year round.  Read about their startup journey here


Chatterson Farms 

This family-owned farm is located on 5 acres in Clermont, Florida. They only grow non-GMO varieties and are pesticide-free by relying on beneficial insects for pest control.  The owner, Ryan Chatterson, talks about his successful aquaponics business over at seed stock.


Desert Bloom Eco Farm 

Desert Bloom Eco Farm is located in the desert valley in Tecopa, California.  It delivers nearly $40,000 in vegetables a year to restaurants on the Las Vegas strip.  Read how green eggs played a part in the owner, Claudia Andracki, breaking into the aquaponics business.


Sandy Creek Farm

This company has been operational and selling food from their aquaponics system since 2012.  They offer guidance on building your own aquaponics venture.  Sandy Creek Farms posts their training programs and manuals on their site if you need any help getting started.  Don’t have time to take a tour yourself? Watch this video that highlights a Health Ranger’s visit to the farm.


Windy Drumlins 

Windy Drumlins has been in business for about 17 years and business is good.  This Wisconsin family’s goal is to grow every bit of the food they intake.  You can read more about how they are close to reaching that goal with the help of their aquaponics greenhouse at this featured article


La pieus Aqua

This impressive young girl started her aquaponics business when she was just 12 years old.  It is now one of the 4 largest aquaponics businesses in South Africa.  Be sure to check out her story and watch her eye-opening video.


Green Acre Aquaponics

The owners of Green Acre Aquaponics didn’t listen when they were told aquaponics was not something that was commercially feasible.  Read about their refusal to accept what they were told and how their profitable aquaponics business came to be here.


Doose Aquaponics

Wanting fresh veggies all year round is what drove Tim Doose to experiment with aquaponics.  His business, Doose Aquaponics, achieved just that and offers its customers a “fresh ripe tomato in the dead of winter” along with other vegetables without use of any chemical fertilizers.  Watch their story here.


Aqua Greens

The co-owners of Aqua Greens studied food sustainability in college and researched how to set up their aquaponics farm.  Watch the Canadian-based duo explain their process on CBS here. Although the owners first approached Toronto officials for setting up the business and were denied, they were welcomed by Mississauga where their operation is currently located. 


Happy Greens 

The owners of Happy Greens in Ashtabula, Ohio didn’t have any farming or extensive gardening experience when they started their aquaponics business.  Despite the lack of experience, the semi-retired married couple now harvests specialty greens for their dynamic business. Their story is encouraging for any beginners interested in aquaponics.


Kunia Country Farms

This aquaponics business received a Gold Award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure for its contribution to Zero Impact Farming.  Beginning operations in 2010, Kunia Country Farms is one of Hawaii’s largest commercial aquaponics farms.


Strong Roots Farm

Along with the sale of systems and commercial classes and systems, Strong Roots Farm also offers free farm tours.  Before starting the business, owner, Raul, did aquaponics for four years so that his family could eat the best possible food.  Read the basics of this company here.


Tangy Produce

Owner of Tangy Produce, Brian Tanguay, resigned from his job as an Engineering and Reliability Manager in 2013 to devote all of his time to his aquaponics operation.  Starting in his basement, his business has now expanded to a 2,300 square foot commercial greenhouse.  Read how Brian’s dream became reality.


Metropolitan Farms

Founder of Metropolitan Farms, Benjamin Kant, is bringing the “natural world closer to the urban one.”  This business sends weekly harvests to farmers markets, food co-ops and local grocery stores.  Read about this Chicago aquaponics farm here.


Living Aquaponics

Living Aquaponics in South Kona, Hawaii has a heart-breaking beginning.  This company was grown when the owner’s mother had a cancer scare.  His son was also diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of 4 but is now in full remission.  The owner, Zach, began to think of all the packaged food we put into our bodies and wanted a healthier alternative.  Zach and his family decided to move to Hawaii and farm full-time.  Zach’s full story can be heard here.


Pallet Racks

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