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Podcast Archive

Hosts: Nick Burton & Brandon Youst

Music by: Random Rab



Bootstrap Farmer Radio #1 Accelerating the Local Food Movement


Bootstrap Farmer Radio's Mission Statement

Our manifesto.  Our rallying cry. 

We believe a community of positive, action taking, and collaborative farmers can empower small ag and become a contagion for change in the small farm/slow food movement. 

Let's Bootstrap this Food Revolution Together!


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #2 Podcast Intro


The goal of our farming podcast 

Bootstrap Farmer Radio is a podcast discussing how to break into the modern business of agriculture on a bootstrap budget & education.  The internet is making more connections and distributing knowledge in a way that makes it accessible for us all. Our focus isn't mega-greenhouses with million dollar machinery, instead, we talk about low-cost, versatile and adaptable green businesses that can sustain a family through the best and worst of times.  We find the small farmers running profitable farm businesses and find out their keys to success.

We believe a community of positive, action taking, and collaborative farmers can empower small ag and become a contagion for change in the small farm/slow food movement. 

Music by: Random Rab


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #3 Brandon Youst, The Bootstrapping Farmer

The founder of Bootstrap Farmer introduces his mission for small farms.

Brandon Youst, founder of Bootstrap Farmer, talks about his motivation, continuing education, and his goal in building a network of like-minded farmers advancing the local food movement. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio # 4 Nick Burton - Evolution in Business.

Setting a new standard of living for farmers.

Brandon Youst interviews Nick Burton, Creative Director of Bootstrap Farmer about his goals to help small farms disrupt local food and small business.



Bootstrap Farmer Radio #5, Building the Farm Business You Want, Customer Selection - Titus Boucher, Locavore Market

Locavore Market in North Carolina, growing for a better life and community.

Titus and his wife Angela put down roots in  North Carolina through a tech driven CSA model to carve out a better life for their family and clients. 

Thoughtful approach and proper planning lead to success in this inspirational episode. Recorded in their farm house surrounded by crops. 

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #6 Roundtable: Building The Ultimate Farm to Table & Online CSA's

Exploring Farm to Food Truck & Added Value Farm Offerings.

Nick Burton & Brandon youst discuss their food truck and subscription salad operations. Titus Boucher and Angela DeCuzzi sit in to bounce ideas around their added value CSA & Farm Kitchen model. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #7 Stretching for Goals

The process of growth and goal setting that can be uncomfortable for bigger accomplishments.

Brandon speaks on growing a company with the expectation of chaos and growing pains so he can be prepared to make decisions with clarity. 

We look at pushing ourselves into uncomfortable goal setting to achieve goals beyond what others say is possible. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #8 Amanda Vanhoozier

The North Texas Locavore Connector

A North Texas farmer's market and local food connector to farms, chefs, educators, journalists, and localvores. Amanda helped found the Coppell, Tx farmer's market and community Gardens, spent time directing the Dallas Farmers Market, and now runs justpickedtx.com, a blog bridging gaps in communication between farmers, ranchers, chefs, and the buying public. 
Wherever there is local food being celebrated, produced, sold, or discussed in N. TX, you are likely to find Amanda guiding meaningful conversations. This interview was a highlight for me and we are happy to share Amanda's wise words. 

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #9 NSA Files: Inside call between Nick & Brandon discussing new business opportunities at the farmers market.

Farmers Market Opportunities. 

Rebranding Paris Victory Gardens and looking towards a farm to food truck mocktail and grazing board farmers market pup al fresco dining experience. Add in added value sales with themes grow bags to test new farmers market concepts. 

Combining hospitality, food trucks, craft cocktails, cocktails, charcuterie boards, grazing boards, and farmers markets into new farm to table experiences. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #10 A Primer on Testing New Ideas

Bootstrapping extra income from existing assets.

This week's focus is testing new ideas. We are interested in adding revenue without adding infrastructure or start up expense using what you already have for clients who already support you.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #11, Finding Early Sucess in New Added Value Products

A look at lean start up practices for farms.

Ideas are easy, how can you implement and test new product lines for success and scaling. A look at lean start up farm products.


Grow Bag P/L spread sheet_PDF

M.A.P.-Minimum Agricultural Product_eBook


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #12, Nick & Brandon Q&A - Process of Scaling Up a Successful Test 

Capping off the week of idea testing. 

What lessons were learned and shared by The Bootstrap Farmer Business Network testing a new grow bag concept. A Q&A session with Brandon Youst & Nick Burton.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #13, Network Building and Maintaining from the Road 

DC-Maine Podcast Tour

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #13, Network Building and Maintaining from the Road.
Nick & Brandon are on the road reconnecting with experts and people we look up to in finding answers to running better agri-businesses.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #14 Low Country Chef Aaron Nelson

Local Low Country Cooking in Dallas, Texas with Local Farms

Chef Aaron Nelson of the Del Sur Restaurant Group & Hookline Plano walks us through a chef's day, cooking with family heritage, predicting the oyster forecast, and working closely with Dallas area farmers.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #15, Evolution from operator to owner of your business.

Transitions in Business

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #15, Evolution from operator to owner of your business. Making the transitions necessary from education, startup, and scaling ownership.


Bootstrap Farmer  Radio #16: Farming takeaways across all methods.


Learn a little from everyone you meet. 

The last day of the podcasting road trip to New England, we look back and discover that no matter how farmers grow, they come to similar conclusions down many different roads. 

From no-till to aquaponics, we all share the same conclusions. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #17, Trifecta Ecosystems on the State of Aquaponics

Exploring a Working Aquaponics Farm Pioneering Sustainable Business Structures. 

Trifecta Ecosystems is employing smart business models with leadership in Aquaponics, which can be seen as still developing into maturity. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #18 Entrepreneurship and Mindset with Spencer Curry

This podcast was never meant to be a podcast.  Nick had left the room during our interview with Spencer Curry of Trifecta, but the recording kept going.  The behind the scenes conversation ended up being too good not to share.  


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #19, Farmer's Market Opening Weekend Report

With many Farmers Markets open, we take a look at our observations from our market set up and how sales can be enhanced with pre-promotions, social proof, our take on competing market segments, lessons from other industries, and community building.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #20 Building a Strong Farmers Market with Brian Moyer

Penn State Extension and www.pafarm.com

Brian Moyer of Penn State Extension and www.pafarm.com, founder and manager of the Skippack, PA farmers market, owner of Green Haven Farm, and past board member of PASA, APPA, and Rural Vermont. Brian is an expert in Farmers markets, direct to consumer marketing, and meat regulations. 

In this podcast we discuss new demographics, the role of a market manger, and farmers market best practices for client engagement. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #21, Early Farmers Market Results

Titus Boucher of Locavore Market in Washington, NC & Nick discuss how this year's markets are going, crowd surges, working with other farmers, best practices, and knowing your place in the season. It's go time for farmers market vendors!


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #22 Reaching Out to Your Future Clients

When starting a new farm business or expanding a new one, having the right confirmations from potential clients may be your safest bet when deciding investments. 

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #23 Decisions on Tool Buying

Brandon and Nick sit down with Randy Cummings and Adam Lemieux at Johnny's Selected Seeds home office to talk tools, trends, and best practices born from practical experience.  


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #24 Network Building From Scratch & Simple Communication

Brandon and Nick discuss starting over in their careers and rebuilding networks in new cities and industries, finding new staff, and the language of networks. We also looked at keeping your message clear and relating new information to your clients and network in their industry terms. 



Bootstrap Farmer Radio #25, 8 Steps to Starting a New Business


Knowing where to start, expand, or dissect a problem business can see like a daunting task. We have boiled down 8 components to consider for any farm venture. Today, we overview these components to lead to business plans and covering your back when things get off the rails. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #26 A Propagation Business Case Study

Applying 8 principals of starting or expanding a business into a real-world scenario. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #27 Bootstrapping a Propagation Business with Ann Mefferd

 Ann Mefferd of One-Drop Farm & Assistant-Editor of Growing For Market Magazine walks us through the details of a Business to Business & Direct to Consumer seedling propagation business in Northern Maine. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #28 Memories of Local Farmers

 A couple of years ago I went looking for stories about our town's early days concerning the farmers market. I sat down with Ouida Black to talk about 1940's East Texas life.  I wish all of these memories and stories could be preserved from this generation.  Enjoy.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #29 Bootstrapping Farm Equipment

Today's guest, Jeff Bednar of Profound MicroFarms explains how he bootstrapped his equipment through auctions, a Craig's List strategy, networkings, and listing to his gut for pulling the trigger on deals. 

Bootstrap Farmer Radio #30 Bootstrapping Farm Labor

 Jeff Bednar returns with an interview on staffing and operating his farm, Profound MicroFarms. Based in Lucas, Texas, Jeff and his staff of interns, full & part time paid employees, and co-op partnerships serve the finest Chefs in Dallas.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #31 Bootstrapping Farm Education

Finishing out a week-long series with Jeff Bednar of Profound Microfarms, we take a look at continuing education, the shortcomings of traditional education, self-evaluation and learning.  Follow Jeff @profoundmicrofarms or visit his website: www.profoundmicrofarms.com 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #32 Beginning a Farm Venture with Self-Awareness

If farming, there are so many jobs to do. We all start with activities around seeds and harvest but quickly become marketers, accountants and construction workers. Some become political activists, policy makers, and inventors. Today, we look at the upcoming interview with Rob Torcellini of Bigelow Brook Farm who has found a balance between farmer, engineer, and inventor.


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #33 A Measured Approach into Commercial Aquaponics

In this episode, Nick & Brandon visit Rob Torcellini of Bigelow Brook Farm in Easton, Connecticut. This Aquaponic Geodesic Dome operation is expanding and the home of the Grow Grip plant holder for deep water culture. Rob's YouTube channel has a subscriber count of 62,000 people. Not bad for a self described introvert who has also been featured in the New York Times.  View Rob's Youtube channel here. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #34 Deliberate Inspiration While Stepping Away

How planning a vacation to search out inspiration opens your mind up to new ideas. Implementing those ideas at home can be a little tricky if your market isn't into your passions. Nick & Brandon talk about these strategies and more. 


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #35 Examining A Microgreen Business

This week we add to The Bootstrap Farmer Incubator as we look at a micro green cost structure feasibility Study.  This mini-episode sets up the week in which we release video cost analysis walkthroughs and an interview with Brandon and Chris Thoreau of Vancouver Urban Micro. Find it all at Microgreen Incubator page and follow the microgreen tab.  


Bootstrap Farmer Radio #36 Building a Microgreens Business with Chris Thoreau

In this interview, Brandon speaks with Chris Thoreau of Vancouver Urban Micro to look at many challenges, benefits, and lifestyle considerations in running any urban farm venture to scale. 

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