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Everyone needs to eat.

So you would think farmers should be able to reach the majority of any given market.

But this isn’t happening.

This is because farmers are selling ingredients, but the mass of modern consumers are looking for FOOD.

For most people, the farmers market is a nice option to have on a sunny Saturday, but it’s not required for day to day living.

As we head towards a convenience driven society with unlimited options, we shouldn’t be surprised when farmers struggle to sell consistently at weekend markets, which grapple with all kinds of variables.

Farming is already one of the toughest jobs out there, so to see months of time and effort be so dependent on the turnout of a weekend market selling a perishable product makes it hard for us all to see or go through.
Technology has changed the way we consume interact with each other.

But it’s also giving us the tools to change the way we do business.

With those tools, we can transform how quickly we can adapt and pivot our way to a product that connects with the market.

The Farm Fusion framework leads you to a product that is unique to you by combining your interests in food and agriculture to create something with efficiency, purpose and profit.

It aims to reach the modern consumer in ways they want to be reached.
Online stores, delivery hubs, subscriptions, shared spaces, zero waste kitchens and food trucks are just a part of the expanding opportunity to reach the masses while providing something unique.

But it all begins with a new approach towards creating a new product.

A product that is unique, instead of something mass produced.

A product that plays a role in building a more sustainable local food economy.

It doesn’t bother to try and compete with monoculture indoor and outdoor farms who are in the business of dealing bottom dollar commodities. They are destined for a roller coaster of a business built on financial or ecological debt.

So, no matter where we are starting from, we can do better.

We can improve our frameworks to design more efficiently.

We can use technology to amplify our impact.

But where to even start?

It starts with you.

It starts with what makes you unique.

Your past experiences and insights have given you a unique vantage point that only you have.

So, no one has the creativity in the way you do.

No one else has the combination of interests and past skills that you do.

Many of us have come from all backgrounds and have come into food & agriculture from our own angles. Those unique interests and skillsets ‘from the outside’ carry us the most in our early days.

It’s also where new ideas come from.

So, we’re going to explore how you can use this to your advantage when it comes to creating within a farm fusion future.

We start with the concept known as skill-stacking.

What skills can you stack onto farming?

I love to grow, but I also love to cook.

And I wasn’t the only one.

In this video, we talk about the FarmChef, what happens when you blend a passion for farming & cooking. Apply this same line of thinking for any combination of skills that can create something unique to food & agriculture.
The FarmChef is just one example of many examples. But only you know what skills are yours.


Think deeply and look back all the way to the beginning at the skills that you’ve enjoyed working on or have come naturally to you throughout your life.
No need to rush off to the next section. Remembering your past, what you’re good at, and what you enjoy doing is a critical step in the process of this next evolution.
When your ready, like an open tab on Chrome, we’ll leave these thoughts running quietly in the background as we proceed.
In the next section, we take a look at new opportunities and upcoming trends across the industry.

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