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Nurse Turned Microgreens Farmer


Hi! My name is Laura Patterson

I am a nurse turned farmer, Mama to 3 fantastic kiddos, and owner of Hand-Grown Greens. Several years ago, I stepped away from more than a decade of working in hospitals as a registered nurse. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the health of my community that was more aligned with the life I wanted for myself and my family. I started Hand-Grown Greens, a small microgreens farm committed to growing organic, local, and nutrient-dense microgreens year-round. Owning my own microgreens farm business has given me the freedom and flexibility to do what I love while still prioritizing my family and lifestyle.
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Hand Grown Greens E-Courses

In 2020, I started teaching others how to turn their passion for gardening and growing into a profitable business that can support and sustain the lifestyle of their dreams! And I do it with Microgreens!! Microgreens are fast and fun to grow, AND they are highly profitable.
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Laura's Favorite Products

I’ve grown in a lot of different trays, and these are hands-down the best trays I ever used! I love how sturdy they are and how easy it is to lift one-handed for bottom watering. The icing on the cake- they come in super fun colors!!
Love how simple it is to grow in these! Love the super handy handles that make it easy to move these around (it comes in handy when you live in the flood plains). Big plans for growing edible flowers in these soon!!
 Foundational piece of infrastructure for me at Hand-Grown Greens. This is where the magic happens! I love growing my microgreens in a hoop house! Buying a DIY kit through Bootstrap Farmer allowed me to get the structure I really wanted while still staying within my budget!
Can I also just say how much I love the roll-up sides?! This has been a game-changer.

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