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Uniting Growers on Clubhouse

Brandon Lester

Hi! My name is Brandon Lester

I am an urban farmer and activist originally from Columbus, Oh. Much of my time is spent working in communities and educating people on the many different methods of growing food at home. I believe that every person should have the knowledge of how to grow produce. I enjoy showing people how to grow massive amounts of food in really small spaces.
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Brandon Lester Community Projects
Food Growers United on Clubhouse

Brandon's Work on Clubhouse

I started the Food Growers United Club after noticing there were no conversations being had on Clubhouse about growing food. Within the first couple of weeks, we grew into a powerhouse of information, with growers from over 40 countries sharing their tips and tricks from all around the world every single day. People can get on anytime with any question and find someone with a direct answer or brainstorm a solution. Growers find a sense of peace knowing that worldwide, people are going through the same trials and tribulations.
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The Garden Kickback Podcast

The Podcast

The Garden Kickback podcast is a collaborative effort of myself Brooklyn Hill (@brooklynsherri), and Serrater Chapman (@Irvingreenconsulting). We are all very active in Urban Farming and Activism, and after meeting on Clubhouse, we saw the need to capture some of these amazing conversations we were having with fellow growers. We provide inspiration, laughs, and insight into the highs and lows of growing your own food.
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Brandon's Favorite Products

5x5 Shallow Mesh Trays
Oh all the varieties you can grow! These trays are my new favorite gardening tool. Eight of these fit in a single 1020 tray allowing you to get more variety without taking up any extra space! This allows you to have more precision with clients' needs and/or to feed you or your family at any scale.
1020 Microgreen Shallow 
Few products change the way you garden, but the moment I saw these trays, I knew they would be a game-changer. These are the best trays specifically for microgreens available on the market, hands down. The multi-color trays have helped us to identify planted varieties and essentially organize our operation.
Dutch Bucket System
I love efficient space-saving gardening methods, and these Dutch Buckets are perfect for nearly everything. If the power ever goes out, having the reservoir being the bottom of the bucket allows nutrient solution to still be available for your plants. I like adding Dutch Buckets to any growing operation I have. 
Grow Rack Fans- 4 Fans
A main component of all successful indoor growing operations is proper airflow. This is especially true for microgreens! I recommend these fans to everyone growing on verticale racks. Pair them with Bootstrap Farmer Flood trays and timers to really automate your system.

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