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From our How to Grow Microgreens Series

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Nick & Nathan from On the Acre in Houston, TX discuss growing microgreens for chefs and bartenders.  Learn what microgreens are On the Acre's top-sellers and most requested microgreens by chefs and bartenders.  For more advanced microgreens business training, visit our Urban Farm Academy Business of Microgreens course. 



I like the ones, like nasturtium, that make us a lot of money. So I would say that my favorites are nasturtium, not necessarily because of the money, I like the taste, and I like how it grows. I find it interesting, 

Microgreens Grown Under Blackout Domes

Then I also enjoy any of the ones that we've experimented with using blackouts, taking the same product, or taking peas and selling them in ten different ways. Growing something very common and straightforward, but doing it unexpectedly by expectedly, I mean showing your client, your chef, caterer, or event planner things they haven't seen before from the easiest or most straightforward of crops. 


Orach has become a new favorite. We've got a pretty picky batch of seeds right now. It's giving us lots of lots of issues, but the plant overall is just beautiful. It shimmers in the light, the underside of the leaves, and it has this unexpected salty flavor, and we actually have a chef right now using it as an addition to their Bloody Mary. 

New Microgreen Varieties

Lastly, I think anything new is probably my favorite. In my career, growing something 100 200 500 times, it gets a little dull and having something new to learn and to experiment with. 

Scarlet Rose

Scarlet rose I would say that's probably my third favorite. We'll go ahead and say that it's beautiful as a microgreen. It has an incredible true leaf that is so intricate, and then even if you grow it to the adult stage that plant, the leaf is this huge fractal, and it amazes me every time I look at it.

Basil Microgreens and Added-Value Products

Our basil is another good one for us. It's a favorite because we can use it a lot throughout our products; the candy we're doing now, it flavors the water we offer at our markets. It has a flavor that many people like easily, whereas if you took someone a mustard lollipop, you know some people might like it, and some people might not, but basil kind of lends itself across the board to a lot of value-added products that we do.

Easiest Microgreens to Grow

So I think the easiest three microgreens to grow are radish, broccoli, and mustard, so basically what Nick was getting at is if it needs to be soaked, or if it needs to be domed, it would not be included in the list of the easiest to grow microgreens. If all you have to do is lay the seeds on the soil at the proper density, stack them, and put them under the lights. They grow. They would be considered easy microgreens. 

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