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We strive to provide the frameworks you need to grow microgreens from start to finish.


Our blog resources:

Our Top 10 Microgreens

The Ultimate Microgreen Cheat Sheet

How to Grow Microgreeens

Stacking trays of Microgreens

Crafting a Chef's Palate With Edible Flowers, Herbs and Microgreens

Growing Microgreens for Chef's and Bartenders

Microgreens and When to Use a Blackout Dome

Microgreen Germination and Seeds FAQ

Microgreen Growing Frustrations

Favorite Microgreens - Chef's, Bartenders, etc.

Microgreens & Soaking Seeds - When & Why

Microgreens & Growing Media

Watering Microgreens - Which Method is Best?


Our YouTube Channel for all microgreens videos:

Microgreens Playlist


Our favorite crowd sourced information: 

 Facebook Group: Microgreens - Growing & Selling

Be sure to utilize the search function and the resources section before asking questions! There is an endless amount of information there!


For more advanced information on running a microgreens business from the amazing guys at On the Acre, check out their course on the Urban Farm Academy! 

Also in Microgreens Guides & Resources

Microgreens grown with lights
What Lights Do I Need to Grow Microgreens?

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The good news about microgreens is that they do well under a variety of light sources. This means it is easy to start where you are and add on as your needs and your available funds increase. A few trays in a sunny window for the home grower, up through multiple vertical rack systems with dedicated growing lights for commercial production.
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Microgreen Growing Frustrations
Reusing Spent Trays of Cut Microgreens

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After your microgreens are cut, what do you do with the spent (harvested) tray? The leftover roots, stems, and growing media can be used to augment your growing or homesteading efforts in a number of ways.
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tempeh toast with microgreens
10 of the Tastiest Ways to Enjoy Microgreens

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Looking to step up your culinary game at home with fresh, nutritious microgreens?Microgreens can bring a surprising amount of flavor, texture, and color to dishes. If you just grew your first tray, or need some new microgreen recipe ideas to share with your customers, then you'll find some of our favorites here.

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