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We strive to provide the frameworks you need to grow microgreens from start to finish.


Our blog resources:

Our Top 10 Microgreens

The Ultimate Microgreen Cheat Sheet

How to Grow Microgreeens

Stacking trays of Microgreens

Crafting a Chef's Palate With Edible Flowers, Herbs and Microgreens

Growing Microgreens for Chef's and Bartenders

Microgreens and When to Use a Blackout Dome

Microgreen Germination and Seeds FAQ

Microgreen Growing Frustrations

Favorite Microgreens - Chef's, Bartenders, etc.

Microgreens & Soaking Seeds - When & Why

Microgreens & Growing Media

Watering Microgreens - Which Method is Best?


Our YouTube Channel for all microgreens videos:

Microgreens Playlist


Our favorite crowd sourced information: 

 Facebook Group: Microgreens - Growing & Selling

Be sure to utilize the search function and the resources section before asking questions! There is an endless amount of information there!


For more advanced information on running a microgreens business from the amazing guys at On the Acre, check out their course on the Urban Farm Academy!