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What is Your Microgreen Tray Color Based on Your Personality?

February 24, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

What is Your Microgreen Tray Color Based on Your Personality?

The Enneagram is a typology personality test that identifies how people react to the world, manage their feelings and basic fears, and interprets patterns based on nurtured traits. The test breaks the personalities down into nine different types. You will likely find you relate to several of the nine personality types- but one should stand out the most as your primary type.

Based on the Enneagram, we have compiled a quiz to determine which Bootstrap Farmer microgreen tray color suits your personality type best. We have even included suggested microgreen varieties based on your results.

Ready to dive in? Take the test here.

What Color Microgreen Tray Should You Be Using?

Read below to learn which tray color we suggest for you, based on your Enneagram. 


1. The Reformer- Principled, Dislikes Sloppiness, The Perfectionist

White microgreen tray

Fears -A messy grow room and stacks of dirty grow trays.

Basic Desire -Neatly stacked microgreen trays, neatly labeled and dated.

Best Traits -High Standards, Efficient, Dependable

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color -White

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties -Broccoli and Purple Kohlrabi

Fresh Varieties to Try -Popcorn Shoots, Curled Cress


2. The Helper- Generous, Loves Interacting with Others, Caring

green microgreen tray 1020

Fears-Not having enough microgreens for everyone.

Basic Desire-Sharing their love of microgreens with everyone.

Best Traits -Nurturing, Giving, Loving, Self-less

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color-Green

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties-Sunflower and Mustard

Fresh Varieties to Try-Cantaloupe and Beets

3. The Achiever- Attracted to success and recognition, Self-reliant

orange tray

Fears-Losing trays to mold.

Basic Desire-Growing the most challenging varieties.

Best Traits-Ambitious, Fearless

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color-Orange

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties -Cilantro and Sunflower 

Fresh Varieties to Try -Red-veined Sorrel, Cinnamon Basil 


4. The Individualist- Creative, Intuitive, Unique

multicolor packs

Fears-Growing on boring colored trays.

Basic Desire-Having the most attractive varieties at the market or in their grow room.

Best Traits-Innovative, Free-spirited

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color-Multi-color packs

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties-Crimson Tide Mustard and Bok Choy

Fresh Varieties to Try -Orach and Amaranth

5. The Investigator- Innovator, Learner, Introverted

pink microgreen tray

Fears- Becoming bored with their microgreen varieties.

Basic Desire- Learning to grow every variety possible and having nutritional knowledge on all of them.

Best Traits- Capable, A Master Student, Curious

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color- Pink

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties-Red-veined Sorrel, Rainbow Swiss Chard

Fresh Varieties to Try - Shiso,Chrysanthemum


6. The Loyalist- Predictable, Responsible, Doesn't Like Change

black microgreen trays 1020

Fears- Not having their specific equipment or nutrients available for growing microgreens.

Basic Desire- Having a consistent routine and consistent results from that routine.

Best Traits- Reliable, Logical

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color- Black

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties -Broccoli, Salad Mix

Fresh Varieties to Try -Lemon Basil, Lettuce

7. The Enthusiast- Spontaneous, Risk-taker

purple 1020 microgreen tray

Fears- Running out of ways to impress people with their microgreens.

Basic Desire- Having the freedom to do experiments and grow the brightest, most impressive microgreens.

Best Traits- Inventive, Fun-loving, Grateful

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color- Purple

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties -Nasturtium, Wasabi Mustard

Fresh Varieties to Try -Borage, Marigold, and Fenugreek

8. The Challenger- Confident, Strategic, Doesn’t like indecisiveness

black and white tray

Fears- Having obstacles standing in the way of becoming an accomplished microgreens grower. 

Basic Desire- An efficient grow room with an ambitious planting schedule with more trays added to it constantly.

Best Traits- Productive, A Go-Getter, Brave

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color- White and Black Combination

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties- Pea Shoots, Red Acre Cabbage

Fresh Varieties to Try- Purple bok choy, Buckwheat

9. The Peacemaker- Agreeable, Calm Reassuring

blue microgreen tray

Fears- Growing microgreen varieties that others dislike.

Basic Desire- Finding varieties that work with many dishes and that everyone likes to eat.

Best Traits- Brings others together, Serene, Dependable

Recommended Microgreen Tray Color- Blue

Tried and True Microgreen Varieties- Kale and Clover

Fresh Varieties to Try- Carrot, Basil


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