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Water Collection System

Water is getting expensive.  If you have a hobby farm or small hydroponics operation, you know this all to well.  With a little bit of investment in money and time, we can not only save $ over the long-term, but we can add water security to our homes in the case of an emergency.

I was searching YouTube for something that was cheap, easy and reliable.  This is the best thing I’ve found.  I can tell you from personal experience, it works great.

You will need to make sure this is legal in your area.  It’s crazy I have to even say that, but its true, collecting water in some parts of the country is illegal.

If you have any structure nearby that you can collect rainwater off of, you should do that.  Look on Craigslist for food grade IBC totes which we will use to store the collected water. The totes are easily hooked up to a pump so we can draw the water to our Kratky tanks.

Here is the video tutorial I used when putting together my IBC totes.  Note that LDS Prepper gives several options for connecting 2 totes together.  I used the method of drilling a hole in the top of the bottom tote and using a uniseal to make the hole water tight.  This made the project a breeze.

All of the parts required are shown in the video.  Try and design this using the same principles, but with your own design best suited for your set up.  I got a little confused as to what was needed for the bottom IBC tote water outlet, so I’ve listed those parts to make it a bit easier for you.  Also, make sure you buy all Schedule 40 PVC.  There are 3 common types of PVC, Schedule 80, Schedule 40 and CPVC, which are all different and not interchangeable.

Put as many of these around the property as you need.  Attach a short hose from the IBC tote going to a water pump, which will then pump your water through the pump outlet into your long hose.  I bought this pump from Harbor Freight and it is mighty powerful for the price.