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Hey Friends,

I'm honored to be partnered with Bootstrap Farmer. I love what they're doing
and I also just really love the opportunity
to rally and partner with a company that
I feel like is doing it right. I'm so excited to share my must-have tools that I'm using on my farm this season.

- Jill Ragan, Whispering Willow Farm

These colorful trays.

For seed-starting herbs and flowers in my greenhouse, I love these cute 5x5 trays. They're so colorful. Those of you who know
me, know that this speaks to my soul, so when I saw all the
colors I was like..
Done, Sold!

Reusable planters for up-potting!!

I'm just so pleased with how well my plants are doing in these reusable white plastic planters.
Starting my vegetables from seed this year has been so fun. Challenging myself to try new crops from seed has been great because you get to see so much more variation in the plants. You sometimes get some really cool traits!

For those microgreens.

Love that these shallow microgreen trays are made in the USA. They have these neat little notches that make it easy to lift for bottom-watering.

And a few more favorites...

I love these for when I want to grow a larger tray of greens. The bright colors make me happy.

Those same 5x5's I love, but shallow and with a mesh bottom.
These are just so cute!  And they work way better than panty-hose.

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