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Seed Starting Trays 32 Cell with Inserts

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Extra Strength 32 Cell Seedling Tray with Cell Inserts

Kit includes:

  • 32 Cell Seedling Plug Tray with 32 removable inserts


Exclusively designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer.

32 cell seedling tray kits are perfect for plant propagation and seed germination. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, flowers, will thrive in the 32 cell seedling tray kit. The removable inserts included in the kit allow growers to easily transport seedlings.

32 cell seedling tray kits provide extra space for soil and roots, allowing more room for plants to thrive and grow. 


  • Won't break or warp when filled with material
  • Made from recycled food-safe plastic
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  • Hi there, What are the dimensions of the individual inserts? Thank you!

    They are 2"x2" on the top and 3" tall.  They are about 1.75" on the bottom. 

  • The Seed Starting Trays 32 Cell with Inserts shows you can get a 2 pack or more. I assume with the 2 pack it is the bottom and the pots. With the 5 pack, is that 1 bottom and the rest pots or another combination?

    The 32 cell with inserts 2 pack has 2 -32 cell trays and 64 inserts.  The 5 pack had 5 -32 cell trays and 160 inserts.