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Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher


Sustainable Substitute for Peat Moss!

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher is a superior garden bedding made from hemp 100% natural, renewable hemp straw. Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher has a moisture-holding capacity of up to 5x its weight in water when used as a top layer for soil. This enricher cuts down watering needs and protects against water loss.

Can Hemp Replace Peat Moss in My Soil Mix?

Hemp straw is composed of both bast (skin straw) and hurd (the core of the stalk). The straw's skin makes for a strong fiber with a high water holding capacity, while the hurd is the woody inside that creates biomass and increases porosity. Like peat moss, hemp adds aeration and water holding capacity to your potting soil, but hemp is 100% sustainable, unlike the peat moss. 

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher can be used in flower pots and beds, home ornamental pot plants, a substrate for microgreens growing, and soil mixes for use with vegetables.

Key Benefits

  • PH neutral
  • Insulates plant roots protecting them from extreme temperatures
  • Free of noxious weeds, insects, and diseases
  • Biodegradable - Supplies organic matter to the soil
  • Eliminates moisture stress in shallow-rooted plants
  • Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial effects,
  • Chemical free. Free of chemicals during growth and manufacture
  • Absorbs 4-5 times its weight in moisture,
  • Suppress or Reduce weeds

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