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Hemp Growing Mat - Bulk Rolls

Number of Mats

Our grow mats are made of all natural industrial hemp.  They are an ideal grow media for microgreens, wheatgrass and sprouts.  The loose weave fibers allow your plants roots to grow through while also providing them nutrients.

*The hemp grow mats are sold in rolls that are not pre-cut

Our hemp grow mats are 650 gsm providing a durable mat and still allowing you to cut these to size. 


1020 Tray Cutting Instructions

  1. Cut into 36" x 19.5" Strips
  2. Divide those strips into 4 equal prices each measuring 9" x 19.5"

Note: this is a loose weave so there is stretch involved when unrolling, cutting, etc.  Meaning all numbers above are approximate.


Nutrient Information


This product was recently tested for naturally occurring nutrients.  See analysis breakdown below


Nutrients Units Dry wt. Basis
Total Nitrogen % 0.46
Ammonia mg/kg 98
Nitrate mg/kg 26
Organic Nitrogen % 0.45
Phosphorus mg/kg 470
Potassium % 0.90
Calcium % 0.40
Magnesium % 0.10
Sulfate mg/kg 340
Copper mg/kg 4.2
Zinc mg/kg 10
Iron mg/kg 130
Manganese mg/kg 25
Boron mg/kg 20
Sodium % 0.015
Chloride % 0.1
pH Value units 7.23
Carbonates lb/ton 5.1
Organic Matter % 97.2

Sourced & imported from UK by Florida Microgreens


Ask a Question
  • I am wanting to grow microgreens. I am unclear if using a grow mat would you need to have a tray that has drainage holes?

    Either way will work, just personal preference :)

  • Are there any preservatives or chemicals used to make the hemp mats

    Our hemp mats are untreated.