48" Black Grow Light Stand - Bootstrap Farmer

48" Black Grow Light Stand

Supports 48" LED and T5 lights.  Black in color & a solid metal frame.


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  • Hi. Regarding the 48” led grow lights on sale for 99.00 - if I place them 8” above micro greens, what size will the light pattern be? Is this a safe distance? Will there be heat issues? Can I grow even closer to the light? Recommendations? New to this and want to maximize rack space. I will be growing in 10/20 trays on a 48”x18” bakers rack. Thanks for your attention! Sincerely, Josette

    Hey Josette,

    8" is a good distance for these lights for a 1020 tray running parallel to the light (longways) with a singular light.  We recommend 2 lights per rack if you're using those 48x22" wire shelves.  There will be no heat issues, even from quite close up. Let us know of anything else!

  • How does the pulley work?

    Just pull down on the pully to the desired light height and then put the locking tab into place.