1010 Shallow Mesh Trays

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1010 Shallow Mesh Trays Available in Black

Introducing 1010 Shallow Mesh trays now available in black. Designed to be strong enough to support the heaviest greens while allowing optimal drainage through its mesh bottom. Perfect for greens that require extra drainage. Half the size of the 1020 tray, the grower is able to grow two varieties in the space of one 1020 tray. 


  • Made from BPA Free, food-safe polypropylene plastic (#5)
  • Thickness-   1.8 - 2.0mm
  • (2) 1010 trays fit into (1) 1020 tray
  • Guaranteed durability backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions 10½" x 10½" x 1¼" - 2 fit into a Bootstrap Farmer 1020 tray
  • Designed to withstand abuse from even the toughest farmers
  • Free Shipping over $49 to the lower 48 States.

  • Uses

    • Fodder
    • Wheatgrass
    • Popcorn Shoots
    • Sunflower Sprouts
    • Soil Blocking
    • Seed Germination

    Please Note:  2 1010's will fit in a 1020 tray.  However, due to the thickness of the products, 4 5x5s will not fit in a single 1010 and the 1010 mesh does not fit in the 1010 shallow or deep with and without holes.

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    • It says these are soil blocking. Does that mean I can use soil in the mesh trays just like a would for a regular tray with holes, or will all the soil eventually go through the mesh? I am using these for microgreens.

      You can use these for growing microgreens in soil. There will be a little more soil that will fall through if you are moving the trays around frequently. The moisture and the roots of the micros will hold the majority of the soil in place.