Coco Coir Brick

# of Bricks

Naturally Aged Coco Coir

  • 1/3 cu. ft. sized bricks individually wrapped (1.37 lbs  per brick)
  • Approx. 5 x 10 x 20cm (2”x 4” x 8”)

What exactly is Coco Coir? It's a soilless media, which can be used by itself or mixed with other medias to improve the soil compaction & water retention. Coco Coir is versatile, with uses ranging from hydroponics to baskets.The name suggests where it is derived from – coconuts of course! 


If you're looking for a great soilless media, look no further than Coco Coir Bricks!
We source our Coco Coir from trusted manufacturers, which means peace of mind for you & your garden. Our Coco Coir has been aged naturally, so it is ready for use when It arrives. No need to worry about the soil compacting.
Coco Coir is also much lighter than many other growing mediums, so you can use it in baskets & containers with ease - with the added benefit of keeping moisture in. Let us know how our Coco Coir works for you! 


  • Naturally aged – ready for water when it arrives!
  • Soilless media with great water retention
  • Natural & Versatile; can improve your gardening in many different areas
  • Lightweight; 1 brick weighs 625 grams (21oz)
  • Approx. 5 x 10 x 20cm (2”x 4” x 8”)
  • A 10 pack of bricks is enough for (30) 1020 Shallow Trays/ 1 brick is enough for (3) 1020 Shallow Trays


 pH 5.4 - 6.8
Ash (dry basis %) 3 - 6
Electrical conductivity (uS/cm) max 250
Cationic exchange capacity (meq/100g) 60 - 130
Total Organic Matter (w/w, dry basis %)  94- 98
Organic Carbon (w/w, dry basis %) 45 -50
Water holding capacity (of dry weight) 8 - 9 times
Air filled porosity (v/v, %) 10 - 12
Total pore space (v/v, %) 94 - 96

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  • If I don't need the entire brick at one time, can I cut off how much I need before hydrating, or hydrate the entire brick and store the leftover loose product (after letting it fully air dry, I assume)? If the latter, for how long in what container can I store it?

    The easiest thing to do is either cut off a piece of the coco brick or just hydrate a potion of it and tear off what you need.

  • Are these bricks 1/3 cu ft before or after they are hydrated?

    The coco coir expands to 1/3 cubic foot after hydration.