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Extra-Strength 72 Cell Plug Trays

As family growers, we were dissatisfied with flimsy and brittle seed trays. Too much of our hard earned money was sent to the landfill replacing our plug trays every season.  So we decided to produce our very own plug trays that are designed to not break or warp.

With our seedling trays, you can run your growing operation more profitably and with less hassle.  No more overhead of ordering new trays every year.

Yes our seed trays cost a little more upfront.  However since our trays are built to last for many years most of our customers save multiples of the cost of each tray.

Key Features:

  • Made from Food-Safe recycled plastic
  • Heavy Duty trays are rigid enough to prevent breakage and warping
  • Each cell measures 1½” square by 1¾” deep
  • Outer Dimensions: 21¼” x 11¼” x 2” Deep
  • Drain holes on bottom of plug tray for optimal drainage
  • 72 Cells per Extra Strength Seed Tray
  • Free and Quick Shipping orders over $49 to Contiguous US (48 States) 
  • Hassle-Free Returns 

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  • Hi! I was interested in purchasing the Seed Starter kit 72 cell extra strength 2 pack 1020 tray with dome, etc from Amazon. (I couldn't seem to find it on your site.). What type and size plugs do you recommend? I plan to start some seeds for a garden for the first time, and I would appreciate your insight. Thank you!

    The 72 cell trays have 1.5" wide cells that taper down.  Therefore plugs from 1-1.25" would be ideal.  We are just sold out on our site for the time being but we usually do sell them on here.