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1010 Seed Starting Flats 2.5" Deep- No Holes


Heavy Duty 10" x 10" Trays - No Holes

With these 1010 deep trays designed by Bootstrap Farmer, you’ll never have to worry about ever buying seed trays. See what happens when you stop wasting money on cheaply made trays and start trusting Bootstrap Farmer – we don’t think you’ll regret it.

Also available with holes.


Our heavy-duty 1010 half-flat trays are a popular choice among microgreen growers for growing two different crops out of our 1020 tray. Chefs and customers don't always want a full-size 1020 of the same crop.  These 1010 trays allow you to grow more varieties for your customers. 

Featuring no holes, these trays can retain water and work well for bottom watering. These seed starting trays are made of BPA-free, food-safe polypropylene plastic, so you can rest assured that you're growing safely.

At 10½’’x10½’’, these 1010 trays are small enough to fit almost anywhere. Perfect for the gardener with limited space.   


  • Made from BPA Free food-safe polypropylene plastic (#5)
  • Thickness-  1.8 - 2.0mm
  • Guaranteed durability backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions 10½" x 10½" x 2½" - 2 fit into a standard 1020 tray
  • No drainage holes
  • Made in the USA


  • Microgreen Tray
  • Fodder Tray
  • Seed Tray

Please Note

  • 2 1010's will fit in a 1020.  However, due to the thickness of the products, 4 5x5s will not fit in a single 1010.
  • Please note that we recommend using trays of the same depth when nesting trays.

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Ask a Question
  • Do you have any inserts that fit the 1010 trays (holes or no holes)? I understand the inserts (5x5) & pots (2.5x2.5) for the 1020 trays are a bit too large. Love the set up for the 1020 with inserts and 2.5 pots. Would like the same stability using two 1010 trays for my home set up. Your wonderful products are making their way into homes thanks to YouTubers like Jess or Jill.

    The 5x5 trays can be used for this even though they are slightly too large. One will sit up slightly higher than the others so you will need to rotate which one that is to ensure even watering. If you are sowing seed beds you can also use a 1010 with holes of the same depth to start seeds.

  • What are the dimensions of the bottom of the tray? I need a 10x10 minimum internal. The top dimensions you show will be fine, but since the side walls are angled, I cannot tell whether the bottom is less than 10x10 or not. Thank you.

    The dimensions 10½" x 10½" x 2½". 2 of these trays will fit in 1, 1020 tray.

  • g'Day, I purchased some 10x10 shallow trays, some with holes and some without, and I notices that when I put one with holes in one without holes it doesn't go all the way to the bottom. Was this intentional and what might it be that I don't understand about the design? Are the 10x10 shallow trays and 10x10 deep trays the same size at the top? I curious about what the humidity domes were designed to fit if they're not the same size? And I swear by your stuff. Sorry I hadn't found you before I bought some inferior stuff other places. Oh, and I'd like to make one more request for 10x10 shallow mesh trays, even though you said maybe next year.

    Most likely you just need to give your top 1010 tray a quarter of a turn.  The length and width have slightly different demensions so that they can fit in a 1020 tray.

  • How do you bottom water with this tray?

    Its best to either use with with our 1010 tray with holes: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/1010-tray-with-holes or our 1020 tray with no holes https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/extra-strength-seedling-propagation-tray

  • Does 16 2.5" seed starter pots fit in the 1010 tray? If so do they fit neatly? Or does that feel a bit unstable? Thank you.

    They were designed to fit nicely in the 1020 tray however they won't fit super well in the 1010 given the lip.  We would need to make another insert pot that was smaller in order for them to fit well in the 1010 but don't currently have plans to make those quite yet :)

  • I'm interested in clear dome covers for your 1010 seed tray. Is there such a thing available through your site or can you steer me to a site that may have them? Thank you.

    There is such a thing and it is available through our site (please see the link below).


  • Are your extra strength seedling and microgreen trays dishwasher-safe? Thanks!

    Our 1010 trays are top rack dishwasher safe. 

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