Automated Grow Rack - Vertical Grow System - Bootstrap Farmer

The Bootstrap Grow Rack

Expand as you grow.

Our automated vertical grow system allows you to spend your time focusing on running your farm, working a day job or completing other tasks while your plants continually get the care they need.

This rack is designed to be modular, allowing you to easily add racks as you expand. It also allows for portability for events, markets and moving around your grow room.

Order in 3 steps

Choose your tiers, lights & fans.

1. Choose your number of tiers

Includes the wire rack, reservoir, pump, timers, plumbing and flood trays needed to start.
How many tiers do I need?

2. Choose your lights

T5 (use 4 per tier) or LED (use 2 per tier)
What lights do I need?

Growing Guide

Outfit your rack with trays for propagation, microgreens, herbs, fodder, wheatgrass
Heres our purchasing guide:

4 Tier
germination, propagation & microgreens
3 Tier
herbs, fodder & wheatgrass
2 Tier
propagation + veg grow
View our rack diagrams

Lighting Guide

We provide multiple options at 6500k, best for general propagation.
For growing out past the first true leaf stage for plants other than leafy greens, you may want a more diverse light spectrum than we provide.

T5 Lighting

Economical option
Great for germination, propagation & microgreens
4 needed per tier.

LED Lighting

Energy saving option
Better when growing past first true leaf stage for leafy greens & herbs
2 needed per tier.

Ordering 3+ racks?

Reach out for a custom quote!