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Microgreen Market Grower Kit with Humidity Domes

For microgreen growing professionals who want long lasting products that withstand any growing environment.

Bundle Contains:


  • Our microgreen trays are backed by a 2 Year Warranty. We expect these trays to last you a lifetime.
  • Maximizing your harvest is important.  The shallow trays (height 1¼") make it easy to cut your microgreens low
  • Microgreen trays have 32 drainage slits to avoid water build up which helps mold prevention
  • Humidity Domes are also made out of extra-strength material
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    At Bootstrap Farmer we want to help the microgreen market grower maximize long term profits.  Replacing your cheap microgreen trays on a regular basis eats into your profits and fills the local landfills with your money.  Our microgreen trays are built to last you lifetime.  We back up the strength of our trays by providing a 2 year warranty.

    Maximizing the harvest of your microgreens is essential.  Our shallow plastic trays allow you to cut your microgreens as low as possible without any hassle.  The shallow tray height is 1¼" which avoids the need for excess growing media. 

    Mold can ruin a tray of microgreens.  That is why having proper drainage is essential. Our 1020 microgreen trays have 32 drainage holes to prevent any pooling water.

    Get started today with our microgreen market grower bundle so you can stay focused on growing.

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    • just to clarify, this kit has everything BUT the soil & seeds, Correct? Thank you

      It comes with the domes, a top tray with holes and a bottom tray without holes for watering.  No seeds and soil.  If you require lights, fans etc. that would need to be purchases separately.