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Thinking of starting an aquaponics business?

Here's our collection of the best online resources and educators in aquaponics.
Murray Hallam's Blog 
The grandmaster of aquaponics.  Murray travels all over the world to teach the novice to expert on how to build sustainable aquaponic ecosystems.

The School of Aquaponics
A series of free youtube videos geared toward teaching family and urban farmers the correct way to begin a aquaponics venture.

Aquaponics Academy Podcasts
Dr. Nate Storey's series of 10 - 30 minute podcasts.  The initial podcasts will give you a history of aquaponics and will then move into teaching you how to build a healthy aquaponic environment

Risks / Rewards
Matthew McCarthy gives a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of aquaponics.  He dissects some of the commonly believed claims.

Real Aquaponic Businesses

Interviews from Aquaponic Business Owners 
(Coming soon!)
Hands On Training
Anyone strongly considering taking aquaponics beyond a hobby should be going to at least one of these.  I've been to and can personally recommend the training given by The Aquaponic Source, but there are others that have been around a few years such as Nelson & Pade and Friendly Aquaponics

Dipping your toes into Aquaponics?  

These are the best how-to guides we've been able to collect.  Get started easily and efficiently by following others who've already done it. 

Building a cheap, easy small test system with Travis Hughey’s Barrel-Ponics

How to Build and Operate a Simple Small-to-Large. Scale Aquaponics System (PDF Download)