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You Are a BackYard Dabbler

Maybe you are just getting started on your journey of growing your own food or maybe you have limited space to work with. We recommend using one or our 32-cell seed starting kits to get started growing your own plants from seed. These are the easiest way to get healthy starts every time. Your plants have plenty of space to grow without becoming root bound even if your transplanting dates get delayed due to late frosts.

We have a few different styles of seed starting kits that would suit your needs.

If you are working with limited space you can add larger grow bags in place of raised beds or plastic pots. These are a fantastic way to add growing space without making a permanent investment in lumber or space. Grow bags are also a great way to be able to move your plants around as you learn where your best sunlight falls throughout the year.

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Looking for tips on starting your own seeds and transplanting your new baby plants? Check out our new Seed Starting 101 article to help you get growing.

We also have tutorial videos on much of our seed starting equipment on our YouTube channel. Check out this video on heat mats.
Got plants ready to go out or looking to purchase starts from your local nursery? Our article on When to Transplant Seedlings Outdoors reviews all you need to know about getting your babies into the garden successfully. As a bonus we have included a checklist on how to get the healthiest transplants you can when shopping at your local nursery or farmers market.