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  • Seed Trays
  • Beneficial Insects, Compost Tea, Microbes, Nutrients & Pest Control

    Turn Your Farm into a Thriving Ecosystem

    When it comes to the nutritional and protective inputs of your farm, trust & quality matter.

    This is why we've partnered with Arbico-Organics who have been trusted by farms for the last 40 years.

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    Beneficial Insects

    Use beneficial insects for natural pest control, integrated pest management (IPM) and pollination.

    Bugs of all kinds - assassins, generalists & specialists.
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    Compost Tea, Microbes & Nutrients

    Microbes + Earth Minerals create a bio-energetic environment beyond N-P-K

    Microbes Provide Your Plants With
    Increased ability to absorb nutrients.
    Enhanced resistance to disease and pests.
    Greater tolerance to drought and extreme temperature fluctuations.
    Natural production of higher quality plants and produce with increased yields.

    And do it at a LOWER COST than many toxic applications...

    Create your own microbial rich environment by brewing a bag of microbe inoculant with supercharged minerals and it'll be like nuking your garden with angels.
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    OMRI = The Organic Gold Standard

    Plants require a complete spectrum of minerals to reach their full potential. All elements work together to make themselves more bio-available to the microbes and plants they are used by. Use products that are compliant for organic growing.

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    Pest Control

    Pest problems?
    Start with a pest identification guide

    It's better to act pre-emptively than too late.

    Aphids, caterpillars, fleas, grubs, mites, mosquitos, slugs, ticks, whiteflys. The bane of our existance!
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