Bootstrap Farmer Business Network

Bootstrap Farmer Business Network

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We'll be building off of the State of the Soil Virtual Summit, ending February 25th and taking the conversation over to the Bootstrap Farmer Business Network.  


This group is for either:

-Real business owners in Ag

-Those SERIOUS about starting their own farm business

-Entrepreneurs within their current Ag employer.


This is a group meant to push you tough SOB’s to reach for more and do the things you weren’t positive you could do. We are all here to support you along the way.

The opportunities we have are like never before. Being able to talk to a whole community of like-minded folks, all with similar products and clients - we can learn a lot from each other. We’re all looking at all these changes coming from technology, and it’s going to be up to communities like this to make sure we are all on the ball, all leading the charge in meeting our client's needs in 2018 and beyond, instead of playing catch up.