Bootstrap Frarmer 1020 Incubator Greenhouse - Bootstrap Farmer

The Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Business Incubator Farm

All-in-one start-up kit to grow your farm business for under 5k

The Greenhouse

10x20 footprint gets you started quickly & efficiently

The Bootstrappers Greenhouse Kit

Everything included except the wood & metal poles found at your local hardware store.

Complete PDF & video instructions will help you get this up in just 1 day.

Roll-up sidewalls + ventilation fan up top allows for climate adjustments no matter where you live.

We'll also include shade cloth and thick, long lasting landscape fabric for added versatility.


Propagation Rack

Versatile enough for almost any farm start up. Automated watering & lighting lets you focus more attention to the rest of your growing business.

Growing Trays

Equipment that'll last you for years to come.

Drop Seeder

Don't waste time sowing 1-by-1


This gameplan needs work.

Grow Bags

Tons of uses. Use for your greenhouse growing or presell potted transplants at your next farmers market.

Composting / Vermicompost / Compost Tea Brewer?

Cuz Nature's Always Right.

Education & Business Support

We don't leave ya hangin. Ebook & worksheets to help you build a step by step plan to launch.

Got ideas? Time to plan it out.

Start with M.A.P.


a.ka. - How to Launch A Farm Based Business

a.k.a. - How well have you thought out your ideas?

Business Consulting

Our in-house business consultant Nick Burton will chat with you via Skype for 3 1-hour check in's as you develop and launch your start up.

When you purchase this package, this consulting is included. Bootstrap Farmer is here to support you!