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How to Start a Microgreen Business

As part of our Bootstrap Farmer Incubator, we wanted to explore starting a microgreens business from scratch, or adding it to an existing farm. Bootstrap Farmer Radio Co-host & owner of Bootstrap Farmer Brandon Youst talked to Chris Thoreau of Vancouver Urban Micro to learn all we could from him.


Start here:


Our feasibility study & start-up costs:

Slide Deck PDF


Learn from a skilled practitioner. 

 A 'how-to guide' doesn't replace real-world experience, but having the right framework and expectations up front is huge.  Chris Thoreau offers a 'Microgreen Crop Planner' as part of his online resources & training program, and having bought this ourselves, we recommend it for those looking for a bit of assistance in making proper financial goals when starting or adding microgreens to a business.

There's no affiliate stuff going on here. We are fans of making smart investments that can save you time, money and frustration.  When you listen to the podcast, you'll realize he's very smart and knows what he's talking about.  

Even more from Chris:

OK this might be getting weird now, AND we're about to recommend another podcast (blasphemy, right?), but, I found this podcast super helpful on 'tactical' tips of growing larger scale micros.


How you can do it:

(Disclaimer: Yes, these utilize some Bootstrap Farmer products.  We built a  scalable microgreens system with automated watering that WE thought was best, but maybe you'll find something better.  It's OK!)

Our goal here is to guide a grower into a small, testing phase first, and then adding a scalable system that also allows us to start really, really small and affordably.

1. If you're really starting with nothing, start with a home growers kit.  See what you like growing, test things out, share some with friends and go from there.

2. Running out of room and want to consider microgreens as a side business?  We think this rack set-up is well designed to start small and grow as big as you need it. 

You don't NEED the flood trays & plumbing - this is for automatic watering. Sometimes we are away for a whole day, so this is how WE will be scaling our production up. 

Patience! We're just building this as part of our expansion, so we will update the system and take better pictures as we go!  We've already found improvements and parts are in the mail :)

Metro Rack PDF Build Guide

Our Results:

We'll be implementing this actual strategy outlined through the remainder of 2018/19 on our own little farm.  We'll keep you updated as we go!


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