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The Bootstrap Farmer Incubator
Bootstrap A Farm Businesses Built for a Changing Economy

Hey Folks, Brandon Youst of Bootstrap Farmer here.

You might be asking yourself, what's this all about and WHY are we doing this?

Incubator Mission

We want to build OUR business through the value creation of helping start YOUR farm business in a practical and bootstrap kind of way that benefits you and the community you serve.

Our philosophy...

If we can't build a sustainable business based off of real demand & organic growth, then we're asking for trouble.

Through the products we create, through our collective business experience with our network, let's come together and bootstrap this food revolution!

There are lots of ways to get started.

That can be a blessing or a curse. We wanted to offer up a few practical approaches to starting small with a bootstrapping mindset.

When Brandon founded Bootstrap Farmer, many of the products created were designed to add additional revenue streams for farmers.

For example, exchangeable 5x5 microgreen trays keeps your market customers coming week after week.

Colorful grow bags makes for a marketable booth and a potential side hustle of swapping out seasonal grow bags for clients in your community.

The possibilities are endless, and presented below are a few of our ideas.

We hope this inspires you to make them your own.
Indoor Accelerator

Business Ideas​

Farmers Market Microgreen Exchange Program
Garnish Curation for Craft Cocktails
Microgreen Salads & Pesto
Plant Propagation
Speciality Herbs
Wheatgrass for Juicing Bars
Propagation Business Feasibility Study

Nervous about approaching chefs?

Watch our behind the scenes documentary with Profound Microfarms. We visit some of Dallas' top chefs.

While watching, note the relationship building & feedback Jeff is eliciting from each of his clients.

Jeff is one of the best leaders through action in farming that we know. Follow him @ProfoundMicroFarms for inspiration.

1020 Outdoor Accelerator

Our attempt at a Bootstrapped farm that let's you test out lots of business ideas...

The 1020 Incubator Farm PDF
Grow Bags

A few unique ideas we've been testing out...

A few members of what we call the Bootstrap Farmer Street Team have been pre-selling planted bags, using them for edible flowers for chefs, and a few more things that we hope to be sharing soon!

For now, click the button below to see an actual, real world example of how to start or add grow bags into to your farm business.
The Pre-Sold Grow Bag Model

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