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    stacking microgreens

    You are definitely on your way to becoming a microgreens master. You know quite a bit about the common varieties and are ready to start fine tuning your growing. You may be ready to dive into some of the trickier growing techniques like When to Use a Blackout Dome

    If you haven’t yet settled on your ideal growing media or are interested in doing some side by side experiments with new growing mediums, checkout our  Top 5 Best Growing Mediums article. We have done a comprehensive review of popular choices and ingredient options for mixing your own. 

    One of our favorite recommendations to make for our growers who are expanding their seed varieties is to use Multi Colored Trays for easy color coding of your grows. It reduces the need for labeling and helps you keep track of your ever growing repertoire of microgreens. For example orange is radish, pink is mustard, etc. Colored trays are also great for running experiments. It is easy to remember that everything with a blue base gets one nutrient solution while everything in the green trays was planted with worm castings mixed in for prolonged slow feeding. 

    growing microgreens


    Upping the quality of your lights is another way to fine tune your growing. There are a lot of options when it comes to lighting. We prefer LED lights like these 48 inch strip lights both for energy efficiency and high kelvins for a balanced color spectrum. Since the most commonly available shelving units tend to be 4 feet in length, choosing lights designed to fit makes for easy scalability as you grow. Panel lights are also an option for grow rooms but they can be quite heavy so plan for that as you build out your growing space.

    Based on your knowledge it is likely that you have already experimented with easy varieties like broccoli. If you find that you are having inconsistent results or are ready to expand your options for growing be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on The Top 10 Microgreens to Grow

    Every grower finds their own best method through trial and error but our goal with all of these resources is to prime your knowledge of growing microgreens to ensure success. You can find all of our resources and growing guides on our  resource page whether it is microgreensedible flowers or growing tomatoes in a high tunnel that you are looking to expand into.