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    Greenhouse Coverings/ Light Dep.

    This UV open, 6 mil plastic is the premiere plastic choice in the floral (excluding roses) and fruit industry. Its five layers include IR additives, anti-drip condensate, anti-dust, and high light diffusion, which help create more ideal growing conditions and higher yields. Imagine giving your plants even more light, better dispersion, and more comfortable temps through the sunless hours. Plants are less stressed, the foliage stays dry, and pests stay at bay because moisture is less likely to build up due to expiration from night-time cooling. 
    Our 4 Year UVA Clear 6 mil. plastic is perfect for use in DIY projects and for application on hoop houses. This plastic meets the NRCS specifications and required warranty period. This plastic is industry strong and contains UV additives that help the life of the plastic. When properly taken care of, this plastic can last season after season. We recommend installing with spring wire and lock channel
     This 6 mil black and white reversible tarp has a 100% film opacity rating to give your crops full light protection when used as a blackout tarp. This plastic is warrantied & rated for 3 years from UV degradation. Can be used as both a ground cover and blackout covering for light deprivation applications.
    Our 8 mil. woven poly plastic is long lasting, puncture and tear resistant, and can be used as a single layer or as the first layer in a double layer application. (11 mil. recommended for second layer)  Woven plastic is ideal for those looking for added light diffusion and those in harsher climates looking for a strong, hail resistant covering that still maintains the flexible advantages of poly coverings.
    The 11 mil. woven poly plastic, Solarig 182, boasts superior tear and puncture resistance and has a specialized IF coating that helps to retain inside heat. This sheeting provides added light diffusion. Plants are able to absorb everything while filtering out the excess UV that could cause damage and increase pest problems. 15x stronger than the typical greenhouse plastic, warrantied for 6 years!
    Specially designed for application with Solarig 8 mil. and 11 mil. woven plastic. This repair tape can last up to 3 years. 
    greenhouse repair tape. This strong adhesive can extend the life of your 6 mil. poly plastic coverings.
    Batten strap is designed to be used with Solarig 8 mil. and 11 mil. woven plastics. The application of batten strapping helps to secure the plastic even tighter.
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