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Essentials of an Outdoor Farm
focusing on the critical components
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Propagation Trays
Grow Media
Bags & Containers

Plastic Coverings
High Tunnel Kits
High Tunnel Accessories
Insect Netting & Shade Cloth
Ground Covers
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1020 Trays & Flats

Propagation, microgreens & more
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Cell Flats

For plant propagation
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Grow Media

Sustainable options (and rockwool)
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Hoses & Pumps

Buckets, Bags & Containers


6 mil plastic comes with a 4 year warranty

Shade Cloth

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Ground Covers

Heavy duty

High Tunnel Kits

High Tunnel Add-on's

Greenhouse Accessories

Attachment & Connectors


What size fan do you need?

Minimum Fan Size Required (in CFM)
Volume of Active Growing Area (ft) x 1.25

The active growing area is the space taken up by the lights & plants

Beneficial Insects

Important part of an IPM strategy

Hear how this farmer is using beneficial insects in his farm.