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    stacking greens

    It is clear that you have an interest in microgreens whether it is just eating them or starting to grow them. Maybe you have tried a few trays or have yet to dive into growing at home. You have some room to grow but you want to learn and that is the most important part. Don’t worry we have you covered with plenty of resources to get you growing and expand your knowledge. 

    The best place to start is with our Step by Step Guide to Growing Microgreens at Home. Here we break it down into easy to follow steps and go over everything you need to get started from seed selection to lights and trays. You can use it on your own with equipment you already have or pair it with one of our microgreen starter kits like this Complete Starter Kit using 1020 trays that includes seeds to get you started. 

    If those first couple trays have been giving you problems, referring to our 6 common Problems and How to Avoid Them can help you diagnose and solve the issue. Many new growers find themselves struggling with low germination rates or mold issues. For both of these issues Stacking Trays of Microgreens is ideal when paired with the sterilization procedure outlined in the article. 

    If you want to grow consistent small amounts for personal use at home be sure to check out our newest comprehensive 5x5 microgreen growing kit.  It has everything you need to start growing on your countertop and keep yourself well stocked with delicious microgreens in four easy to grow varieties. 

    5 x5 grow trays

    If eating microgreens you get from a local farm is more your speed we have a number of great recipes in our Microgreens Blog as well as our 10 Tastiest Ways to Enjoy Microgreens. These resources can help you to incorporate more nutritious greens into your daily diet for a boost of vitamins, minerals and important phytochemicals.  

    Curious to learn more about the Health Benefits of Microgreens? You can check out this short article we put together. There are some great scientific papers available online to help you educate yourself as well. One of our favorites is this article BROCCOLI MICROGREENS: A MINERAL-RICH CROP THAT CAN DIVERSIFY FOOD SYSTEMS “This study examined the mineral concentration of broccoli microgreens produced using compost-based and hydroponic growing methods that are easily implemented in one’s own home.”