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Sustainable Farm Business Models Built for a Hyperlocal Economy

Rebuilding the food system is going to take more than providing heavy duty equipment.

So the next step in our mission is creating sustainable business models through a framework we call Farm Fusion.

We have applied it to multiple farm start-ups and are sharing it all through our Urban Farm Academy.
Bootstrap Farmer's mission for the Urban Farm Academy
We want to support the creation of sustainable businesses that benefits you and the community you serve.
Our philosophy...
Together, we have to lead the food revolution through the products we create.

By meeting people where they want to be met, with products they crave, we can reach mass markets.

The possibilities to do that are endless, and presented below are a few of the ideas that we've explored.

We hope this inspires you to make them your own.

Urban Farm Business Incubator

A DocuSeries going inside the journeys of people starting a new business and lifestyle from scratch.

Business Models Featured:

  • Farmer Owned Meal Prep
  • Hyperlocal Subscription & Jar Exchanges
  • Seed to Shaker Mocktail Program
  • Speciality Herbs & Hemp
  • Soap Making w/ Goats
  • & more!
My experience in building Farm Fusion Business models:
The Story of the Craven Local Food Market
Building a business framework that has small farmers leading the localization of food supply chains.

Urban Homesteading Business Frameworks​

For living & creating in the hyperlocal food economy.

Farm Fusion

Reach mass markets, while getting the price you want for the things that you grow.

Start here


(Minimum Agricultural Product)
A roadmap in idea development, market research & product launch.

Course provided without cost at our Urban Farm Academy

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The Business of Microgreens

A paid course by Nick & Nathan of On the Acre.

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Profound Marketing

Profound marketing is relationship marketing.
A paid course by Jeff Bednar of Profound Microfarms.

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Farm Fusion Blog

Creating our future through business and entrepreneurship.

1020 Incubator

A 10'x20' farm that let's you test out lots of business ideas...

There are lot's of ways to get started on any budget.

That can be a blessing or a curse. We wanted to offer practical approaches to starting small with a bootstrapping mindset.

When Brandon Youst founded Bootstrap Farmer, many of the products he created were designed to create additional revenue streams for farmers.

For example:

Exchangeable 5x5 microgreen trays keep your market customers coming week after week.

Colorful grow bags making for a marketable booth and a side hustle of swapping out seasonal grow bags for clients.
Podcast Incubator

Oscar Chavez of Microledon Farm takes over Bootstrap Farmer Radio!

Oscar, a new farmer, asks industry experts questions while he's building his new farm.
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Urban Farm Academy Podcast
Talking about the future of food and agriculture.
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