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Exclusive Offer- State of the Soil Virtual Summit - Season 2


On February 19th, the State of the Soil Virtual Summit launches for year 2. 

Focusing on advanced marketing, business strategies, and farm-life balance.  Already listed as one of the top online platforms by Ag Funder News based on last years inaugural event. 

It goes live for one week, February 19-25th, 2018. 

No traveling costs, no hotel expenses, no time off of the farm.
And this year, if you'll invest in yourself, Bootstrap Farmer will invest in you, by covering 80%-100% of the ticket price.  Last year, the ticket price was $100.  We've got that down to $20 by covering this year's expenses for the organizers.
Can't afford the $20? 
The first week of the Summit is going to be FREE.  We want to make this available to anybody - no excuses. Only if you are finding so much value that the summit that you need to watch the videos after the free week, you will be asked to pay $20.  
That $20 does not go to Bootstrap Farmer.
100% of it goes to the organizers of the State of the Soil Summit.  Bootstrap Farmer has covered all the expenses for this summit in exchange for providing everyone this opportunity.  Now you have 100% fewer reasons to use money as an excuse not to invest in your education in the pursuit of growing or starting your farm business.
Why are we doing this?
Because we've been there, starting from zero, whether it be business education, confidence, farm experience or finances.  We've used online resources and mentors to get us where we are today, no question.  Nothing will ever be a greater substitute for success than practical investments and a willingness to outwork anybody towards your goals.
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This year's speakers include:
Henry Gordon-Smith,  Agritecture, Allison Kopf, Agrilyst, Michael Kilpatrick In The Field Consultants Halley Brake Upstart University,Monica Pape, the Accidental Agronomist & lot's more. 
Panel Discussions Include:
Market-Driven Product Development
Supply Chain/Distribution/ & Process
Diversified Farm Income
A Road Map to Product Development & Promotions
Case Study: Dream to Launch
Social Media Management
Online Education-Myths and Advantages
The Power of Community
Remember, this event is FREE for the first week. Checkout now and get 80% off the All-Access Pass.  

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 This event is hosted by Nick Burton of State of the Soil / Victory Lunch Club / HerbS&OiL Food Truck / Grower's Coach & Blue Collar Landscaping. Nick is an expert in marketing, sales, planning, business scaling, and organizing with years of experience running businesses in several industries, but with the main focus on ag. 
Don't know Nick yet?  You will.  Learn a bit more about him at or read what his clients have to say about him here
We'll be following up to help you develop your next action steps after the summit in our facebook group -
The Bootstrap Farmer Business Network
See you at the Summit!