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Rockwool Starter Cubes Growing Kit

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Extra Strength 32 Cell Seedling Tray Kit with 2" Rockwool Inserts 

Kit includes

  • 32 Cell Seedling Plug Trays
  • 1020 Flat Propagation Seed Trays (no holes)
  • Clear Humidity Domes
  • Sheet of 32  2"x2"x1.5" Rockwool Cubes


32 cell seedling tray kits are perfect for plant propagation and seed germination. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, flowers, will thrive in the 32 cell seedling tray kit. The removable inserts included in the kit allow growers to easily transport seedlings.

32 cell seedling tray kits provide extra space for soil and roots, allowing more room for plants to thrive and grow.

Each rockwool cube is 2" W x 2" L x 2" H



  • Won't break or warp when filled with material
  • Made from recycled food-safe plastic
  • Humidity dome dimensions: 6" height, 5.5" interior space
  • Dome has adjustable vents for control airflow
  • 1020 propagation tray outer dimensions: 21 1/4” x 11 1/4”
  • Dome fits perfectly onto 32 cell and 1020 tray

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    • how much water do you put in the 1020 tray when you use your 128 cell seedling tray with doom

      If you're using it with a dome, we'd recommend putting in a 1/2" of water on the bottom to keep up the humidity, but also still go in there and mist your seedlings 1-2x per day depending on how well your media holds moisture. 

      You could bring the water level up to touch just the bottom of the 128 cells, but we wouldn't recommend this in a humid environment with little airflow overtop.