Grow Rack Deep Water Tray 2' x 4' | 7" Tall


Designed by Bootstrap Farmer in collaboration with professional hydroponic growers.  Our rack tray was built to provide greater versatility than the standard 2'x4' tray. 

Designed to fit a standard wire rack (48" wide x 18" deep).  Our tray measures at 45¾" x 25¾" x 7¼".  This is 4" taller than than a normal 2 ft. x 4 ft. flood tray allowing for a wider variety of crops.

This rack trays is ideal for mid to large scale hydroponic plant, herb and microgreen propagation.  Can also be used by a hobby grower to get maximum production in minimal space.

This rack tray fits 4 of our 1020 trays.

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