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Cloner Tray


The Low Tide Cloner Tray is the newest addition to our expanding line of trays. The tray is designed with space saving propagation in mind, holding four 10 x 20 trays on a shallow drainage grid for optimal watering and wicking.

The Botanicare® Low Tide Clone Tray will quickly impress your mothers by cleaning up your grow room. Front seated bulkhead ports for easy access. Hassle-free shelving, and simple vertical chaining. Formed from durable ABS plastic. Internal growing area of 43”x23”.


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  • The item description says: Front seated bulkhead ports for easy access. What does this mean exactly? Easy access for what purpose? What are bulkhead ports?

    It's got a flat area along the edges on the bottom part where you can drill your holes for your plumbing. 

  • How is the cloner tray different than the rack tray? Are either of these items made with the same high quality plastic as the colorful microgreen trays, because those are awesome!

    The rack trays are made by Botanicare, and are widely used in the industry as the standard for durable large flood trays.  All of the 1020 sized and below are Bootstrap Farmer.  They all meet the high expectations everyone has come to expect when buying from us.  Hope this helps!