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  • Seed Trays
  • Seed Starter Pots - 2.5" Extra Strength

    Give your seed starting an upgrade with Bootstrap Farmer's Heavy Duty Insert Pots! Our reusable, USA-made, BPA-free plastic pots are the perfect partner for growing success: available in multi-color packs, black - or new this season, clear.

    They fit perfectly in our 32-cell plug trays, making planting your favorite vegetables, herbs, or flowers easier.

    Key Features

    • 2.5" x 2.5" x 3" Tall seed starting pots
    • Made in the USA
    • 32 pots will fit into a single 1020 tray we recommend using the 32 cell insert tray and a 1020 shallow no-hole microgreen tray for bottom watering (Due to the tapered sides, 16 pots will not fit properly in a 1010.)
    • Drainage holes on the bottom are ¼” for optimal drainage
    • Made of recyclable Polypropylene (#5) leach-resistant plastic
    • Available in Black, Multi-color, and Clear.
    • Multi Color Pack includes: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple
    • UV resistant 

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    Ask a Question
    • How much does a single pot weigh?

      About 0.5 ounces.

    • do you have 4" pots?

      We do not carry 4" pots.

    • how many of these will fit in the 10x10 trays? Thanks

      The 2.5" extra strength pots are designed to fit in the 1020 tray, as well as all of our inserts including the 1010. They will fit in the 1010 tray but they will not sit flat since they were designed to fit in the 1020.

    • Are these recyclable?

      Yes and there should be a tiny recycle symbol with the number 5 on each pot.

    • Do I need the 32 cell tray to use these starter pots or can I just put 32 of them straight into the tray?

      You can put these seed starter pots straight into a 1020 tray.

    • Hi. What size is the respective boxes if I order 80 or 240? Thanks.

      The 80 pack of insert potsw would ship in a 22" x 12" x 6" box and weight 5lbs. The 240 pack of pots would also be in a 22" x 12" x 6" box and weight 11 lbs.

    • Do these inserts fit into the 32 cell trays?

      Yes these inserts fit into our 32 cell trays.

    • Are these pots dishwasher safe so I can sanitize them at the end of starting season?

      They are dishwasher safe on the top rack without heated dry. Any damages done during dishwashing void the warranty.

    • The plants are very hard to get out of the pot due to its rigidity. I can’t squeeze the sides or tap the bottom to get it loosened. I did use a knife to loosen the sides but still could not get it out. Is there a way you recommend?

      We recommend using something like a pencil eraser or pen cal to push the plant out. We also carry these: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/widger-dibber-set?_pos=1&_psq=dibbler&_ss=e&_v=1.0

    • How does the clear pot affect germination and hydration? Should they only be used for certain types of seeds/plants? Do they need to be watered more?

      We have not noticed any difference in germination or hydration using the clear pots. They can be used for any seed type and do not need to be watered more frequently than the regular colors.

    • Does the 32 cell seed starter tray hold the 2.5 pots? And does the 32 cell seed tray fit inside the 1020 extra strength no holes tray? I want to be able to bottom water, so is there room for water in the bottom tray when the 32 cell seed tray sits inside the 1020 extra strength tray?

      The 32 cell seed starter tray holds our 2.5" pots. The 32 cell tray is best compatible with our shallow no holes tray. As a reminder, all of our trays are extra strength regardless of the variation.

      Happy growing!

    • Are these made out of recycled polypropylene or virgin polypropylene?

      Our colored products are made out of virgin PP #5 plastic while the black  PP #5 plastic is made of recycled plastic.

    • Should I use these with the standard 1020 tray or the shallow micro green 1020 tray? And will they work with the 1020 dome?

      We recommend using them with our 32 cell tray and shallow tray. The 32 cell tray keeps them upright and the shallow trays allows for the best bottom watering. The dome will fit with them.

    • My household is only 2 ppl - can I buy these in sets of 6 or 12 ? 60 is total overkill for my needs.

      Hello! We are unable to break-up our products into smaller quantities than what is listed on the website.

      I reccomend finding a friend and ordering together :)

    • Are there equal numbers of each of the 5 colors in a 80 pot order?

      Yes, there are 16 of each color.