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Double-Death Nematodes


Unlike pest nematodes, predator nematodes attack only pest insects. These microscopic organisms cause no harm to plants or earthworms.

Predator nematodes attack and kill nearly any other insect. Even large insects, like cutworms, are not safe! They prey on any insect that spends part of its life resting in the soil — that includes most pest insects!

Predatory nematodes attack by invading the body of an insect. They reproduce within the host until only a shell remains. This results in future generations of nematodes emerging to carry on the fight!

Approximately 1 million nematodes. This product ships directly from the supplier. This product can only be shipped ground to customers in OR, NM, Northern WA, and Southern CA. This product ships 2nd-day to all other addresses to best ensure the survival of the organisms.


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