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Greenhouse Plastic - 3 Year Clear


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Bootstrap Farmer’s greenhouse plastic is a 6 mil polyethylene film.  Our uv resistant greenhouse plastic is rated for 3 years.  It is designed to diffuse more light (89% light transmittance) which allows your plants can get more even lighting in your hoop house.  The greenhouse film's light diffusion greatly aids plants growth due to lack of shadowing.  Included Anti-Drip technology which helps to reduce condensation and mold.


  • Longitudinal tensile strength: 22 MPa.

  • Breaking tensile strength transverse: 22 MPa.

  • Longitudinal ductility: 650%

  • Horizontal ductility: 650%

  • Longitudinal tear strength: 10kg./ mm

  • Transverse tear strength: 11kg./ mm

  • Impact strength: 1200g

  • Light transmittance: 89%

  • Scattering rate: 30%

  • Warmth Retention rate: 85%

  • Anti-dripping: Yes

  • Average thickness tolerance: ± 5%


Need Help ordering the Size?  Check out the chart below to match the size of your greenhouse film. 

Greenhouse Plastic Size Chart

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