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Grow Rack Fans


Our microgreen grower specialized Grow Rack Fans provided optimal ventilation for your growing operation.  Each Fan set comes with 3 individual fans.  All components are treated to be able to handle the typical humid and moist growing environment. 

Each Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Tier Bundle - 1 Fan Set, 1 Power Adapter
  • 3 Tier Bundle - 3 Fans Sets, 1 Power Adapter, 2 Daisy Cables
  • 4 Tier Bundle - 4 Fans Sets, 1 Power Adapter, 3 Daisy Cables
  • 5 Tier Bundle - 5 Fans Sets, 1 Power Adapter, 4 Daisy Cables

 Keeping the air moving is critical to avoiding moisture and mold issues for your crops.  Our fan system is specially designed for a seedling and microgreen growing environment. 

Fan for moving air between your racks.

  • Power: 1.2w
  • Fan Size: 14¼x 478" x 11516"
  • Noise: 25 dBA
  • Air Volume: 54.3CFM per fan (162.9CFM per unit)
  • Fan Life: 50,000 hrs
  • Fan Speed Control: 2,500 RPM
  • Power supply voltage: 110V-220V
  • Fan Cord Length 17½"
  • Daisy Chain Length: 27"
  • Power Adapter Cord Length: Total - 82½"  Male End: 44" Female End: 34" 

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  • I would like to clarify what the "bundle" of 3 tiered fans are. Is this actually 9 fans? I'd like to have three fans (as pictured) on three separate shelves.

    A bundle of 3 tiered grow rack fans includes 3 units of 3 fan system.  So it would be 9 indivudual fans if they were broken apart.

  • trying to find out if the 54.3 CFM is total for all 3 fans, or would it be times 3?

    Its 54.3 CFM per fan.  So for 1 unit its actually 162.9 CFM.