Landscape Fabric with Template Holes - 5 Ounce Heavy Duty - Bootstrap Farmer

Landscape Fabric Template w/ 8" OC Pre-cut Holes

Hole Spacing

Minimize weeding and time burning holes with our heavy duty landscape fabric template.  Get superior control of your weeds without the use of chemicals or manual weeding allowing you free up your time for more productive tasks.

  • Pre-cut holes spaces every 8".  Especially optimal for use with 30" bed. 
  • Made of tightly woven super heavy duty 5oz polypropylene plastic
  • UV Stabilized for long lasting protection
  • Water, Air and Nutrient permeable
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Ask a Question
  • Why do you suggest that this is optimal for 30" beds when it's 48" wide? That's a tough sell cutting a lot of 30" lengths and pinning them together OR discarding the extra 18" OR folding it under OR running it into the paths...

    They are meant to be run into the paths to keep weeds from growing there as well.  We know not all preferences are the same...

  • How long does this fabric last?

    It should last for over 20 years under normal conditions.