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1020 Seed Starting Heat Mat

Heat mats for plants provide one of the most effective ways to increase your success of germination. If you want to start growing your warm weather plants, such as tomato seeds, indoors then a plant heating mat is essential for getting your seedlings started. Heating your entire growing environment is a very costly option. Which is why using a seedling heat mat is an extremely economical choice as you can direct the heat to exactly where its needed. You can get your seedlings started at a tiny fraction of the cost.


  • Strong multi-layer construction for added durability and uniform heating
  • Waterproof design to handle the enviable wet growing area
  • Warms root zone 10-20˚F over room temperate to simulate that warm outdoor environment
  • Fits any standard 1020 tray
  • Dimensions are 9" x 19.5"

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  • What are the electrical specifications for the heating pads? There is no such information on the pads or boxes.

    The seedling heat mat is 17 watts and 120 Volts.