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Vacuum Seeder for 1020 Seed Trays

Precision Vacuum Seeder

Any grower who’s ever had to fill a cell tray can attest to what a hassle it is to manually place a seed in each cell. It’s an inefficient, tedious process that takes up time you could be using to build your growing operation. Luckily, there’s now a way for you to seed up to 120 trays and plant up to 24,000 seeds within an hour. The ingenious design of this vacuum seeder requires nothing more than that it be connected to a vacuum hose via the included attachment; then, once suction is provided by the vacuum, simply shuffle the seeds until that suction catches them in the holes of the plate (sold separately). From there, you need only to cover your cell tray with the seeder and close the suction valve on the vacuum. The suction will cease and the seeds will drop precisely into the center of the cells. A necessity for commercial growers of any type, the vacuum seeder is ideal for seeds of small to medium size (such as those for tomatoes, peppers, and pelleted lettuce) and can be customized through a pairing with one of our aluminum seeder plates.


  • Vacuum seeder fits most 1020 cell trays
  • Seed up to 120 trays per hour. That's over 8,600 - 24,000 seeds planted
  • Seeds will be precisely placed in center of each cell
  • Save time and do away with the frustration of tedious hand seeding
  • Holes sized for small-medium sized seeds such as a tomato, pepper or pelleted lettuce
  • Free Shipping to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns

Don't know if your seeds will work with our plates?  Send them to us and we can test it!


See how to use our seeder here:

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  • Good morning, we recently purchased s vacuum seeder from you and very happy with it. One thing we need is a 406 cell plate with smaller cell holes, for non palated small seeds like onions and kale. Was wondering is it possible for you to make this size plate ? Please let me know in your earliest convenience. Louie Alex Tomato Farm LLC 359 Cemetary Rd Sprakers NY 12166 646-529-8672 Thank you

    We're working on it!... but don't have a timetable yet.  I'm hoping by year end we can get something out to the public. 

  • we need a seeder asap and this seems great-way less cost than Johnny's-but do you offer different trays for different size seeds or does this one work with many types of seeds-I love that it costs less but need more info-we cant invest again (someone stole ours-ugh!)

    Our plates work well with pelleted lettuce seed and like sizes. Same size as 'size B' in the Jonny Seeds comparison chart.  Let us know of anything else!

  • Have you considered making plates that are more appropriate for brassica seeds or other small, non-pelleted seeds? We are really interested in this style of seeder (I love the lip that catches extra seed!) but we need it mostly for brassicas and lettuce.

    We are working on it :)  I wish I could throw out a target date, but I'm just not there yet.  By asking for it, you've added a little fuel to the fire so, thank you for that!  

  • do you have plates for 48 or 36 size cells?

    We don't carry those in stock.  However if this is something that you need we may be able to custom order those for you.  Let us know and we could provide you with a lead time.

  • Do you plan on making a 162 cell plate non-pelleted seeds of lettuce?

    No sorry, but we will be making some blank templates for our new drop seeder so you can make your own spacing & plant hole size.

  • do you have any other trays? we're using 98 cell rockool trays. Thanks : )

    At this time we only have 72, 128 and 200 cell.