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Vacuum Seeder 200 Cell Plate

Tray Size

200 Cell Vacuum Seeder Plate

Seed up to 120 trays (24,000 seeds) in one hour.  Save yourself the painstakingly tedious job of precisely dropping each seed into your plug trays.  Our vacuum seeders allow you to move on to more productive tasks by allowing you to seed your cell trays at a fraction of the time.

  • Fits standard 1020 Plug trays for 200 cell
  • Each hole lines up to the center of a 200 plug 1020 tray
  • A vacuum seeder is a must have for small, medium and large commercial growers
  • Vacuum Seeder sold separately. Great for growers using pelleted lettuce seed, tomatoes and peppers

Shipping and Returns:

  • Free Shipping to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns

Operation Instructions

  • Hook your vacuum seeder up to a standard vacuum hose
  • Fill plate with pelleted seeds.  Seeds can be stored in containment lip on each plate
  • When ready to plant seed turn on vacuum and open the suction valve to allow seeds to pull into the holes
  • Tip the seeder to allow seeds to collect in each hole in the seeder plate (use plenty of seeds so they collect quickly in each hole)
  • Once seeds fill all the holes, tip the plate so the extra seeds collect in the containment lip
  • Line up your seeder on your 1020 plug tray
  • Close the suction valve to release the seeds into the plug tray

 Don't know if your seeds will work with our plates?  Send them to us and we can test it!

See how quickly our Vacuum Seeder works

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