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72 Cell Plate for Vacuum Seeder

Tray Size

Designed for use with our time-saving vacuum seeder (sold separately), this 72-cell plate boasts sturdy aluminum construction and allows for up to 120 trays (or over 8,600 seeds!) to planted in one hour. The ingenious design of this 72-cell seeder only requires that it be connected to a vacuum hose via the included attachment; then, once suction is provided by the vacuum, simply shuffle the seeds until that suction catches them in the holes of the plate. From there, you need only to cover your 72 cell tray with the seeder and turn off the vacuum. The suction will cease and the seeds will drop right into the cells. No need to worry about wasted seeds, either; the lip of the tray will catch any seeds not in a hole, preventing them from falling out when the suction is removed. A necessity for commercial growers of any size, this plate streamlines the seeding process and is ideal for seeds of small to medium size (such as those for tomatoes, peppers, and pelleted lettuce).


  • Works with most standard 1020 72 Cell Trays
  • Free Shipping to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns

 Don't know if your seeds will work with our plates?  Send them to us and we can test it!

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