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  • 6 Cell Plug Tray Inserts Colors

    USA Made 6 Cell Trays in Color!

    Our 6 cell tray inserts are now available in clear and colors! Proudly made in the USA these conveniently sized 6 cell plug inserts are great for growing varieties of crops. Twelve of these removable inserts fit in a Bootstrap Farmer 1020 tray. Made out of food-safe, heavy-duty polypropylene plastic and built to last many seasons. Color code your seedlings in these insert plug trays.

    Note: Clear 6-cell plugs have a small square tab located on the inside of the cells. It is part of the manufacturing process. 


    • Made from FDA Prime Grade Extra Strength Polypropylene (#5 BPA free) plastic
    • Extra Large ⅝" Drainage Hole which makes for an incredibly easy seedling removal. 
    • These 6 Cell Inserts are designed with Air Prune technology. Air channels are added on each side to prevent root circling.  Air pruned roots are shown to provide healthier and more vigorous growth. 
    • Proudly made in the USA our Seed trays are guaranteed to last at least 2 years
    • 12 inserts fit per 1020 tray
    • 60 pack gives you a total of 360 cells
    • 120 pack gives you a total of 720 cells
    • 360 pack gives you a total of 2,160 cells


    • Seed tray insert outer dimensions: 5" x 3⅓" x 2¼" height
    • Each cell in tray insert is 1½" x 1½" x 2⅛" on top which tapers down to 1" at the bottom
    • Air pruning slits measure 0.11" wide x 1¼" tall

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    Ask a Question
    • Are these as strong as the epic 6 cell inserts that Kevin espiritu sells ? I want to buy a product that will last a lifetime. How long will the bootstrap 6 cells last in years?

      We expect ours to last a lifetime under normal usage conditions.  Ours do have a little more flex.  However from our testing we expect these to last just as long if not longer.  The additional flex increase the impact resistance giving it better resistance to impacts.

    • Does this contain 60 of the 6 cell tray?

      Yes, a 60 pack contains 60 of our 6 cell insert trays.

    • Doesn’t the soil just fall out the bottom with the larger opening?

      Some soil might fall out when you first fill the cell tray with a dry mix. If you fill them with a premoistened soil mix, you'll have much less fall out.

    • What’s the white stuff on top?

      It is vermiculite.

    • Would these fit in a 1010 tray? How many? Thank you!

      Hi there,

      You can fit 6 6 cell plug trays into a single 1010 tray. I've linked a video where we demonstate using those exact products. Happy growing!


    • Hi, Is it possible to purchase these in a 20 or 30 pack? I'm looking for a more reusable friendly 6pck tray but as a very small home gardener a 60 pack is just way more then I would need. I'd be intrested in a 20 pack option for the 5"x5" grow trays as well.

      At this time, we are unable to break up pack sizes. Sorry!

    • Would I need to pot up still with these before planting outside? I see you have the individual/traditional pots, but they don’t have the air prune slits or open hole in the bottom. Doesn’t that negate the goal of the seedling air pruning? Thanks so much — new home gardener here. :)

      The need to up pot would be dependent on what plants you are growing. We have a number of resources here that may help you. 

    • Which 1020 tray (without holes) do you recommend with these? I can’t tell if the shallow or deeper ones are best

      Hello! Thank you for reaching out. We reccomend the 1020 deep trays for carrying and bottom watering our 6-cell trays.
      Here's a link: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/1020-trays-and-flats/products/extra-strength-seedling-propagation-tray

    • What is the best way to clean these between uses?

      You can view our cleaning recommendations here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/how-to-grow-seedlings/how-to-wash-and-care-for-seedling-trays?_pos=3&_sid=b0c7d4804&_ss=r