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    Poppy Cultivation for Flower Farmers

    Poppies are prolific, tough, and beautiful cut flowers that will delight your customers whether for a Flower CSA, a compote arrangement or to sell wholesale.
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    Cosmos Cultivation for Flower Farmers

    Cosmos have been a vital flower for Sierra's flower farming business. They add a lovely movement to designs and fill out summer bouquets. 
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    Running a Successful U-Pick Flower Farm

    We had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie Chow of Poppies and Petals Farm, a cut your own flower farm in Santa Rosa, CA. She offered us a chance to see what running a farm designed from the soil up to have customers on site looks like.
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    Extending Spring Blooms

    Spring blooming bulbs are some of the season's most beautiful and refreshing flowers. Learn more about extending your harvest from early spring on.
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    Growing Tulips for Cut Flower Production

    From the types of bulbs you choose to how you plant, we’ll show you how to successfully grow tulips for cutting.
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    Guide to the Farmer Florist Model for Selling Cut Flowers

    If you have a passion for growing and a love for design, the farmer florist model would be an excellent fit for you and your flower farm. Discover the versatili...

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    How to Forage Free Winter Decor

    This guide written by flower farming contributor, Lindsey Hofman of 605 Flowers, will walk you through some common winter foraging materials and how you can use them to create value added products for your flower farm.
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    How to Propagate Roses From Cuttings: The Best Way to Grow New Roses From Stem Cuttings

    Learn how to propagate roses from cuttings the easiest and most effective way! Share your roses with others or just plant more of your favorites at home.
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    How I Started Flower Farming: Top Tips For Starting a Flower Farm with Lindsey at Willow Tree Flower Market

    Are you interested in starting your own flower farm? Gain insight from Lindsey  of Willow Tree Flower Market about the process based on real world experience.
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    10 Best Flowers to Add to Your Vegetable Garden

    If you’ve ever dreamed of adding cut flowers to your vegetable garden setup, you probably have some favorites in mind. Just looking through Instagram feeds may inspire you to want to grow all of the flowers. Based on her experience, our garden contributor Jenna Rich, who...
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    Tips For Dried Flower Farming Success

    Fresh bouquets are a favorite product among market-goers but they are only seasonally available. Learning to craft and offer dried floral bouquets allows you and your customers to continue to enjoy that beauty in the off-seasons.
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    How to Grow and Care for Nasturtiums

    Nasturtiums are easy to grow from seed and adaptable to almost any growing zone, nasturtiums can be a beginning gardener's best friend. Learn how to grow them with these tips.
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    Flower Farming

    There are many ways to be a flower farmer and many sizes that can work. You can start a flower farm with a quarter of an acre of growing space if your goals are modest and focused on annual flowers. 

    Most of the flower farmers we know are working in the one to five-acre range with space dedicated to annuals, perennials, and habitat for beneficial insects and birds.

    Cut flower farming is the cultivation of flowers for sale at farmers’ markets, direct to florists, through co-ops, or to wholesalers. There are many sales avenues where farmers sell flowers in bouquets or wholesale by the bucket.

    When starting a flower farm you will need some basic equipment and can scale up as needed. 

    • Muck boots 
    • Seed Starting Equipment
    • Sturdy harvest buckets
    • A durable wagon, tractor, or golf cart to haul buckets of flowers from the field to your post-harvest location
    • Reliable water hoses 
    • Snips and then some extra snips. Things get lost. It is always nice to have a backup.
    • Medium-sized rubber bands.

    A farmer florist is a person who grows many or all of the flowers they use in their design work. Farmer florists are both the designer and the farmer for their business. Many specialize in selling bouquets directly to consumers through markets or subscriptions, while others focus on events like weddings.