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    Here at Bootstrap Farmer we pride ourselves on providing resources to help you learn more about your craft. Whether you are a home gardener trying to make the most of your small space, a market farmer with a large scale operation, or an urban farmer growing production microgreens in a hydroponic system; we are here for you.

    Flower Farming

    Tend a successful cut flower farm with tips from our farmer writers lending advice on everything from cultivation to arranging bouquets.

    Flower Farming Blogs


    Learn various methods of growing microgreens. We have comprehensive guides and information to make growing microgreens easy.

    Microgreens blogs


    Explore the world of hydroponics with our detailed guides, providing in-depth insights and practical tips on cultivating crops in a soilless environment.

    Hydroponics Blogs

    Urban Farming

    Browse our resources, articles, and DIY guides created by experienced urban farmers. Get tips, tricks, and inspiration for thriving in the cityscape.

    Urban Farming Blogs

    Backyard Gardening

    Learn to grow your own food with our expert how-to guides, practical tips, and strategies to help improve the harvest.

    Gardening Blogs


    Cultivate a thriving homestead with insights from our seasoned writers, offering advice on a spectrum of topics from sustainable practices to hands-on experiences.

    Homesteading Blogs

    Junior Farming

    Nurture your young gardener's curiosity and knowledge with our engaging hands-on learning activities and STEM lessons, designed to inspire and educate through the joy of gardening.

    Kids Growing Activities

    Market Gardening

    Start a successful market farm with tips from our farmer writers lending advice on everything from infrastructure to planning the harvest.

    Market Gardening Blogs

    Building a Greenhouse

    Struggling with your first build? We have compiled everything from A to Z when it comes to hoop house construction

    Hoop House Blogs

    Instruction Manuals

    Find them all here!Printable instruction guides for our products.

    Get Manuals

    Shade Cloth

    Learn about shade cloth. Here you can find all the information you need about shade cloth before purchasing. 

    Using Shade Cloth
    Using a shovel to plant in red grow bag with purple and green grow bags in the background

    Grow Bags

    Learn about fabric bags.Click here to read our latest articles about grow bags and the best ways to use them.

    Grow Bag Blogs

    Seed Starting

    Your guide to propagation. Check out our extensive list of seed starting resources and tips from industry insiders.

    Seed Starting Blogs

    Edible Flowers

    Brought to you by our farmer/writers...a guide for growing edible flowers.

    Learn More

    Growing Tomatoes

    Seed to Trellis A blog series on growing and maintaining tomatoes.


    Gift Guides

    What to get for your favorite gardener. Learn more about what growers are putting on their wish list this year.

    Learn More

    How-to Guides

    Learn, Do, Create. Our team tackles many of the side projects you've always wanted to try. 

    How to Blogs

    Farmer's Spotlight

    Get Inspired!We love talking with farmers and we love sharing their stories. Click here to read more.

    Farmer Interviews

    Bootstrap Farmer Podcast

    Interested in hearing real farmer's experiences? Catch our latest episode here.


    Bootstrap Farmer Youtube

    Our YouTube channel takes you through many of our products and demonstrates how to use them. You will also catch behind the scenes footage of product manufacturing.