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12 Unique Gifts Every Gardener Will Appreciate

December 06, 2021 5 min read 0 Comments

12 Unique Gifts Every Gardener Will Appreciate

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Plant Lover in Your Life

Looking for gift ideas for that special farmer? We have everything on their wish list! Give them a gift that they will thank you for season after season!

We know farmers and growers alike will love these gift ideas. They are useful, practical, and a lot of fun! Plus, because they are all Bootstrap Farmer quality, they will last for years.

fabric grow bag 7 gallon

1. Fabric Grow Bags

Grow Bags With handles?

Yes! These are a grower's dream. These 7-gallon grow bags are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. Best part? These fabric bags have a food-grade poly coating, making them sturdy enough to last season after season. 

Fabric grow bags are inexpensive, easy to use and reusable containers that can help you grow your own vegetables and herbs. They're great for beginners who want to give indoor/outdoor gardening a try, but want to invest in something that will last for years.

Fabric Grow Bags are the perfect gift idea for a gardener because the recipient will be able to start growing in them right away if they wanted to! Don't let the winter months prevent them from doing what they love!

heat mat for seed germination

2. Heat Mats

Supplemental heating for seed starting.

Heat mats help speed germination for both the microgreen grower and vegetable farmer. We love how well these mats regulate the soil temperature. They work great on grow shelves, with microgreens, and for propagation.

Heat mats are a great way to get your seeds and plants off to a good start. Especially great for heat-loving plants like tomatoes and peppers, your gardener can improve their germination rates for their 2022 garden with this gift that keeps on giving.

These smaller heat matsare an affordable gift for any gardener that they will love and use every year for many years.

insect netting

3. Insect Netting

Chemical Free Pest Control!

Insect netting can mean the difference between having and not having a crop of cabbage. Help your farmer get a head start on pest control without the need for pesticides.

Insect netting helps keep a natural balance in the garden and having it on-hand at the beginning of the season is essential to proper crop protection. Surprise your vegetable grower with this insect netting and they'll be ready to grow the best crop of cabbage they've ever had.

Insect netting is great for the gardener who is trying to avoid using pesticides in their garden by providing a physical barrier to prevent insects from eating their vegetables (especially those brassicas!).

shade cloth

4. Shade Cloth

Sun protection for your plants!

Shade cloth is the lettuce farmer's friend... but it can also help shade your farmer's back patio. They have to slow down sometimes right? This shade cloth is now the perfect dual-purpose gift that they never thought to ask for.

Shade cloth is important for almost any growing zone! This gift that they didn't think to ask for will help no matter where their garden is. Shading your plants from a zone 10 summer day or extending your lettuce crops into early summer in zone 6 - either way, shade cloth is your friend!

Get enough to also shade their patio and give them a summer oasis to escape to after a long day in the sun.

 microgreen trays

5. Microgreen Trays

New Bright Colors!

Help your farmer stand out at the market while reducing their use of single-use plastics. All of our trays are extremely durable and come with a warranty. Microgreens are a great way to grow indoors in the winter and keep that green thumb going!

These also work really well for the little farmer and growing activities when they're not in use starting seeds or growing microgreens. They also make great succulent planters and propagation trays.

frost blanket 

6. Frost Blanket

Help your farmer plant sooner.

Frost blankets will give your farmer more peace of mind when that early spring frost hits and can be pulled out again in the early fall to extend some crops beyond the first frosts.

Frost blankets can help bring up the success rates for young seedlings and allow earlier outdoor planting.

If your gardener is itching to get plants outdoors again, a gift of a frost blanket is the perfect way to help them get back to gardening as soon as the weather allows.

open top bag coco coir

7. Coco Coir Open Top Bags

New Product!

We have been having fun trialing out these brand new coco coir open top bags. These are SO easy to use. Simply open the bag containing a special blend of compressed coconut fiber, hydrate, mix and add your plants. Perfect for mess-free growing with soilless media.

melon netting

8. Melon Cradles

The PERFECT stocking stuffer! Melon Cradles are perfect for holding up melons and squash on vertical trellises. If your gardener has had trouble keeping melons and squash disease- and bug-free, vertical growing could be the answer, and Melon Cradles the gateway!

Melon Nets will improve airflow and encourage even ripening of watermelons, honeydew, cantaloupe, butternut squash, and any other vining squash or melon. Buy them in 10 packs and 25 packs and share them with all the farmers you know who need support for their melons!

gift card to bootstrap farmer

9. Gift Cards

Not sure what to pick as a gift?

Give them the gift of a Bootstrap Farmer gift card. Delivered by email with no additional processing fees, a gift card to Bootstrap Farmer shows that you understand what your gardener loves, but leaves the selection up to them so they can pick exactly what they want.

A gift card to Bootstrap Farmer is more meaningful than a gift card to a random big box store, and they will definitely find something they want to try!

irrigation kit

10. Irrigation Kits

Easy assembly!

We carry irrigation for the raised bed gardener, the row-crop farmer, and even a living-wall system perfect for indoor and outdoor plant installations. Give your plant lover an irrigation kit that they can enjoy setting up and also make watering their raised beds or row crops easier than ever!

Irrigation kits require no special tools and help to preserve water, reduce surface evaporation, and minimizes compacting and runoff. Add the Bluetooth timer for the ultimate time-saving watering system!

seed starting pots

11. Propagation Trays

Available in bright colors!

Set your farmer up with the last propagation trays they will ever have to buy! Durable, extra-strength food-grade plastic trays built to last a lifetime! Our seed propagation trays are great for starting seeds, growing starts, or even succulent gardens. Available in black or multi-color, we have a variety of options to fit your plant-lovers style!

Bonus Gift Idea

We have a limited number of these great Small Batch Seed Starting Kits. Comes complete with lights and a heat mat for perfect plant starts every time. 


12. All-Metal Hoop House Kits

If your farmer has been really good...

Maybe it's time to get them the hoop house they've always wanted. This is the ultimate, all-time surprise gift for your very favorite gardener. This All-Metal Hoop House is made right here in the USA. Everything they need, including plastic, comes with the kit and it can be assembled in a weekend. A greenhouse is every gardener's dream - and Christmas is the perfect time to make their dream a reality!

The All-Metal Hoop House kit comes in multiple lengths and widths to fit your space, and comes with everything needed. With optional add-ons, you can customize your kit any way your gardener will want!

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