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  • 12 Unique Gifts Every Gardener Will Appreciate

    February 15, 2024 4 min read 0 Comments

    gift package of 5x5

    Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Plant Lover in Your Life

    Looking for gift ideas for that special farmer? We have everything on their wish list! Give them a gift that they will thank you for season after season!

    We know farmers and growers alike will love these gift ideas. They are useful, practical, and a lot of fun! Plus, because they are all Bootstrap Farmer quality, they will last for years.

    Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle

    1. Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle

    For that backyard gardener extraordinaire, we have the perfect gift! The Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle has everything they need, from seedlings to up-pot, to garden.

    The Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle includes:

    - (60) 6 Cell Plug Inserts Multicolor
    - (5) 1020 2.5" Trays No Holes Multicolor
    - (90) 3.3" Pots with Inserts Multicolor

    2. Soil Blocking Starter Kit

    If you're favorite grower is feeling adventurous and wants to experiment with a new way of starting your seeds, why not set them up to start soil blocking? The Soil Blocker Starter Kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.



    This kit includes everything you need to get started:

    With this kit, you can easily pot up your mini-blocks into larger soil blocks as your seedlings grow. 

    1010 Seed Starting Bundle for Backyard Gardeners

    3. 1010 Seed Starting Kit

    Anyone starting their own seeds for the garden will love the Bootstrap Farmer 1010 seed starting kit. This gift set comes with everything they need to start and grow beautiful transplants for the small-space garden.

    Included in this seed starter kit for gardeners are (24) 6-cell Plug Inserts, (4) 1010 2.5" trays without holes, and (4) 1010 6" Domes. Choose between five unique colors — pink, green, blue, purple, or orange. 

    4. Jang Seeder 

    Introducing the Jang JP-1 Push Seeder - the ultimate tool for market gardeners! This tool boosts productivity and will help your favorite farmer achieve perfect seeding everytime!

    Say goodbye to wasted seeds and labor-intensive thinning. The Jang JP-1 guarantees precise distribution and spacing of seeds, saving you both money and time. Don't forget to add the rollers!

    Propagation Kit

    5. Propagation Kit | For Cuttings, Seedlings & More

    Are you looking for a gift for your plant-loving friend? Or perhaps you've been wanting to expand your own indoor jungle? The Propagation Kit is here to make plant propagation easier than ever! Whether they're starting from seeds or cuttings, this kit provides all the essentials needed to nurture tiny plant babies into thriving greenery. 



    The kit includes:

    With this setup, monitoring the progress of your seedlings and cuttings becomes a breeze. This kit is not just a tool, it's a gateway to a rewarding hobby and a greener home. 

    fabric bag

    6. Fabric Grow Bags

    Lightweight growing pots, with handles?

    Yes! These are a grower's dream. These 7-gallon grow bags are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. Best part? These fabric bags have a food-grade poly coating, making them sturdy enough to last season after season. 

    Fabric grow bags are inexpensive, easy to use and reusable containers that can help you grow your own vegetables and herbs. They're great for beginners who want to give indoor/outdoor gardening a try, but want to invest in something that will last for years.

    Fabric grow bags are the perfect gift idea for a gardener because the recipient will be able to start growing in them right away if they want to! Don't let the winter months prevent them from doing what they love!

    72 cell air prune tray

    7. 72 Cell Air Prune Trays

    Get soil blocking results with these air pruning trays!

    Sure to be their favorite seed starting tray, these air pruning trays are perfect for starting flowers and vegetables. Equipped with air slits, for the ultimate root pruning! Available in black, green, orange, blue, pink, purple, and multi-color packs.

    3.3" Seed Starting Pots

    8. 3.3” Heavy Duty Seed Pots

    The perfect size for up-potting tender seedlings.

    Get your farmer these 3.3” pots for all their transplanting needs. These durable pots are great for holding over plants in the off-season and are also great for indoor houseplants too! Grab them in black, green, orange, blue, pink, purple, and multi-color pots.

    eGift card Bootstrap Farmer

    9. Gift Cards

    Not sure what to pick as a gift?

    Give them the gift of a Bootstrap Farmer e-gift card. Delivered by email with no additional processing fees, a gift card to Bootstrap Farmer shows that you understand what your gardener loves, but leaves the selection up to them so they can pick exactly what they want.

    A gift card to Bootstrap Farmer is more meaningful than a gift card to a random big box store, and they will definitely find something they want to try!

    Stack of multicolor planted microgreen shallow trays on a white shelf in a greenhouse setting

    10. Microgreen Trays

    1020 shallow trays for growing microgreens.

    Help your farmer stand out at the market while reducing their use of single-use plastics. All of our trays are extremely durable and come with a warranty. Microgreens are a great way to grow indoors in the winter and keep that green thumb going!

    11. Homesteader Seed Starting Bundle

    Homesteader Seed Starting Bundle – the ultimate solution for those looking to maximizing their planting season. This comprehensive bundle includes the 6-Cell Plug Inserts and 2.5" Seed Starting pots from the exclusive Whispering Willow Farm Collection. Along with our durable 1020 Deep Trays, 1020 Shallow Trays & Inserts, and 1020 Humidity Domes, this bundle comes with everything needed to kick-start a high production homestead garden!


    12. All-Metal Hoop House Kits

    If your farmer has been really good...

    Maybe it's time to get them the hoop house they've always wanted. This is the ultimate, all-time surprise gift for your very favorite gardener. Our All-Metal Hoop House Kits are made right here in the USA.

    Everything needed, including plastic, comes with these kits and they can be assembled in a weekend. A greenhouse is every gardener's dream - and Christmas is the perfect time to make their dream a reality!

    Our All-Metal Hoop House kits come in multiple lengths and widths to fit your space, and come with everything needed. With optional add-ons, you can customize your kit any way your gardener will want!

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