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    Greenhouse Film 


    Which size plastic do I need?


    For more information on freight delivery click here.

    Does your shade cloth have grommets?

    Our shade cloth comes with a slight hem on the edge without grommets or clips. A grommet kit can be purchased at box stores or Harbor Freight pretty inexpensively but our shade cloth clips work well to hold tight to the material.   

    What are all your poly sizes?

    We offer widths of 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, 36’, 40’, 42’, 44’, 48’, 50’, 52’, 54’ cut to any length.  If you do not see the width available on our site please give us a call.


    Greenhouse Kit

    What comes in your standard greenhouse kit?

    6mil Plastic w/ 4 Year Warranty

    Spring Wire & Lock Channel

    Cross Connectors

    Ground Post Driver

    Bolts, Nuts & Screws


    Do you offer greenhouses that are larger than 20' wide?

    Yes! We now stock an All Steel 30' Round Greenhouse. https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/hoop-house-30ft


    Will the PVC poles/wire coming in contact with the plastic be an issue?

    No plastic coated wire was made for that use. We do suggest wrapping pole connections with duct tape to reduce premature wear.


    What is the length of your wire/channel (how much do I need?)

    Our channel is 6.5’. Depending on how elect to build and the size will determine the amount of pieces you will need.




    How do I get started growing microgreens?



    What should the distance be of the grow light to the microgreens?

    Difference crops call for different circumstances.  As a general guideline 6” - 8” should suffice.


    What is the best medium?

    The best medium depends on your individual growing methods. Some people only care to grow in soil, others prefer the sterile rockwool for indoor hydroponic grows.

    How many coco bricks per tray/grow bag?

    About 3-4 microgreen trays / brick.  About 2 coco bricks per 7 gallon bag

    Pole bending




    Which size hoop bender do I need?

    Depends on the width of the high tunnel you want. 6ft (low tunnel) bender bends poles for a 6ft wide structure, same for 10, 12, 20.




    Seed Trays

    Are our trays BPA free and food safe?

    Yes they are BPA free and we add no plasticizers.  Our flat trays are #5 polypropylene and our cell trays are #6 polystyrene.


    Are your trays recyclable?

    Yes, anywhere that #5 & #6 are accepted, depending on tray type (cell trays are #6 PS)


    What are the details of your warranty on trays?


    Are your domes BPA free?
    Yes, our domes are BPA free. 

    Are the raised ridges the same size throughout all the trays that you offer?

    No they vary slightly between our deep 1020, microgreen, 1010’s and 5x5 trays.


    How do I pop out my seed plugs from the cell tray?

    Widger dibber or popsicle stick. 


    Do your 5x5’s fit in the 1010 trays?  The 1020s?

    8 5x5’s fit inside of the 1020. 4 can lay inside a 1010 however it is NOT a nice fit.


    How thick are your 1020 extra strength trays?

    2 mm 



    Ordering, Shipping & Returns


    Do you ship internationally?

    To some locations.  Shipping, Duties and Taxes should be calculated at checkout.  Due to the size and weight of our products the shipping costs can be high.  Unfortunately those costs are mostly out of our control.  Returns are generally not accepted for international orders due to the high cost of shipping.


    What is your shipping lead time for plastic and shade cloth?

    It most cases both Shade Cloth and Greenhouse Plastic will ship the next business day.


    What is your shipping lead time for other items (non plastic or shade cloth)?

    Ships out next business day in most cases. 

    Can I place an order over the phone?

    Yes please call 888-406-1982.  We encourage online orders given that we have made the process rather user friendly.

    Do you have a catalog?

    We do not. To cut costs, keep information up to date and accurate and keep paper out of the landfill our website (www.bootstrapfarmer.com) has all of the prices, information, and resources you will need on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    What are your customer service phone hours?

    8am-5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday - Friday


    What is your return policy?

    For non-greenhouse plastic and shade cloth items we will gladly accept a return within 30 days of your purchase.  Due to the high cost of shipping, return shipping will be paid only for defective/damaged items.

    Greenhouse plastic and shade cloth are cut to order and so we unfortunately cannot accept returns.  Returns are also not accepted for Greenhouse Kits and Automated Grow racks.

    International orders are also not available for returns due to the high cost of shipping.

    Our return policy can be found here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/pages/return-policy

    Where do I mail checks to?

    Bootstrap Farmer
    Attn: Bradley Youst
    151 Crawford Rd
    Downingtown, PA 19335

    Where are you located?

    Our headquarters is in based right outside of Philadelphia and our main warehouse located in North Texas.


    Do you offer Net 30?

    Only to institutions


    Do you sell to retailers? What is the pricing for that?

    We offer pallet discounts (about 960 trays).  Please call or e-mail us at 888-406-1982 contact@bootstrapfarmer.com if you are interested in purchasing a pallet or more and we can send you a quote.